Selling Two, over 1bn might accounts for sale !! 152 and 255 server, mega offer!

Discussion in 'The Hobbit: Middle Earth Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Szary, 2/3/17.

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    I have decided to sold my two accounts.

    One at 255 legolas server:

    This account was created 4 years ago, always on top places
    Account in still progress

    1.132b might + boxed might
    Belong to #1 alliance at server
    16200 mithril ! (1000$ worth!!!)
    161000 gala tokens + boxed
    220 tauriel tokens (after event)
    74 gandalf tokens
    2200 thorin tokens
    500 bard tokens
    15000 tower passes + 800 2nd floor + 300 3rd floor etc.
    High troop buff (70%+)
    Always placed top 10 in playerup and top 5 in high valued playerup
    High score at CHS
    Perfect heroes
    9 rare purple III gems (where others have 2-3 and it is good) and over 30 other colours (each)

    Second at 152 dwalin server:

    I create this account just for fun, but It came really great!
    Firstly it have 31lvl and 800b might but when the elite campaign came in I must raise my lvl to 50, to take part.

    So, 50lvl and 1.085b ( looks funny for the others, trust me ;D )
    Like with the Legolas server account, always on top
    In the #1 alliance on the server
    10500 mithril ! (About 630$ worth)
    183000 gala tokens + boxed
    820 tauriel tokens
    126 gandalf tokens
    1300 thorin tokens
    2300 bard tokens
    23000 tower passes + 1300 2nd floor + 500 3rd floor etc.
    Very high troop buffs 80%+
    The best heroes on the server!!
    The highest CHS score on the server!!
    21 rare purples III (!!!) + over 50 other colours each
    Always top 5 in playerup and top 1-2 in high value playerup
    Always first have a new items, full perfect sets and other high valued items

    This two accounts Im selling together, for a one price.

    Propose your prize
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.