Two accounts for sale one fresh one bronze 20 dollars each Obo!

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    Account one:Original email fresh lvl 30 two runes books generik adc and ap rune books Skins: Lissandra skin Champions:Annie ashe garen jax kayle lissandra (and skin) master yi nunu pantheon poppy ryze sivir soroka teemo vayne ww xerath zac Account two:Not original email old account two rune books ap and attack speed bronze divion 2 Skins:Judgement kayle ufo corki Champions: Ashe Evelyn Corki Jax kayle kogmaw master yi mordekaiser nidalee pantheon ryze shaco sivir tryndamere twistedfate udyr warwick xinzao Add mustapha kirech on post here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.