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    Not sure what the demand of this will be but thought it would be worth a shot anyway as you don’t really see this stuff advertised very often. Basically what I’m offering is a twinking service. Firstly I’ll explain my “qualifications”, I believe (and have been told many times before) that I’m one of the greatest twinkers around. People often create clones of the twinks I’ve made (I try to be different and make non cookie-cutter profs/twinks) once they prove to be successful. I don’t have much experience at twinking TL7 however so preferably would like to stick to TL1-5. The way I’m hoping this will pan out is for you to give me a prof and a level and I’ll make you an auno equip (quality depends on your budget ofc – can’t expect to make a kickass tl5 twink for 100m for example). Or for you to give me an auno with what you’d like, and I will do my best to fulfil it (please be reasonable, I cannot get ql 200 imps etc on a level 15!). Once both parties are happy with the equip I’ll twink it. There are 2 ways of doing this. You can either give me your account details and I log your toon and do it that way (preferred as I can use my bank of twinking equipment and also rectify any errors in my planning – doesn’t happen often though!). I understand however that people will be reluctant to give me the account details so also offer another method. You specify to me what twinking equipment you have at your disposal and I can write down step by step how to do it (example of said method can be found at I’m also considering lending out the twinking equip however as most of the things are fairly expensive (explosifs, chapmans etc) I’d need a deposit for them. Please note that I do not supply any equipment/implants etc myself (unless when I’m on your account twinking when I’ll use my own twinking stuff/lending it to you). I do not also get tokens/levels/AI levels/VP/do quests etc, all that will have to be done yourself as I cannot stand levelling or gathering tokens. It’s all about twinking and pvp for me  When making a request please include the following information: Level Profession Breed AI levels done at time of twinking (will presume all research done) Auno config (if you’re supplying your own – no extra cost for me to make one though) Budget What twinking equipment you have at your disposal (if you’d rather not let me on your account) <span style="text-decoration: underlinePrices:
    Of course I’m not going to do this for free, prices are as follows (rated on difficulty for twinking for each TL): 1-49 = $50 or 150m credits 50-99 = $40 or 125m credits 100-140 = $30 or 100m credits 141-200 = $70 or 175m credits 200-220 = $100 or 225m credits Prices are negotiable so if you think they are too much please make an offer instead and we’ll work something out. Also just had a thought, I have no twinking equipment at all on RK2 (since I’m based on RK1) so it’s not much point having account details for your RK2 accounts, however I’m thinking of moving there to make twinks there after I’ve completed my last couple of RK1 twinks so will accept credits for RK2. To make a request either PM me here, add me on ([email protected]) or email me (same as my address). Since I hardly ever go on the best method of contacting me would be by email (I’m also getting a lot of spam at the moment so please make the subject line something I’d pick up on rather than “Hi” or “Free naked girls” ) (wow this turned out to be a bit tl;dr!)
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