TruHins scammer. Scammed me and he is lying to try to get ME banned. DONT BUY FROM HIM!!

Discussion in 'Steam Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by MitchNM, 11/12/17.

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    So I saw his steam acc for sale, it still is. I was interested but I come from a fairly poor family and dont have a stable job atm. I decided to trade my acc for his and some money. We changed the deal to just money. I paid half, and he gave me the "account". He didnt remove the authentication, yet I had changed the email and password, I didnt know the authentication could chnage it all. Trusting him, I paid the rest, he lied, and removed me. I was going to go through the Middleman service till I realized there is a cost, and I would need MORE money to pay Middleman. I am pretty broke so I didnt have money to spare. Ended up losing $80.

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