Trading WoW Acct For RS Acct!

Discussion in 'Runescape Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by RS, 10/12/13.

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    Yea.. Big downgrade huh? But i lost alot of interest in wow. Ive got a level 43 Tauren druid on Bloodscalp. And a Level 70 Human Warlock On Earthen Ring. The warlock Has epics,its raid specct. Has raid gear/pve Gear, Not alot of pvp peices. Some cash (not sure how much) Mainly just a PvE(raid) lock. Has Gotten Gear From Kara Thats about as far as i got it to. before i got bored with the game. Im looking for a very high and good runescape account for this WoW acct. (BY THE WAY) its on my Aunts credit card (so its payd monthly for like 2 more years) AIM: rannikmckeyis xfire: PurpleHayZee : *****************************************************
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.