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    I will be accepting Paypal money and trades for other auths! AutoSnapeGrass Pro Overview Get rich with AutoSnapeGrass Pro! With Herblore on a popular rise, AutoSnapeGrass Pro is one of the best ways to make money in RuneScape. Gathering Snape grass at selling at the GE can make you $500k+ profit /hour! Or better yet, get that 99 Herblore skill you have always dreamed about at no cost by collecting your own Snape grass and making Prayer potions. This bot has all kinds of uses. Features Super quick and efficient! (Collect up to 850+ Snape grass /hr, making $500k+ /hr) Option to use four different routes: Waterbirth Island Teleporting (fastest method), Waterbirth Island Running (Peer the Seer banking), Falador Teleporting (makes around $150-200k /hr), Falador Running Can use summoned familiar of your choice to pack on even more Snape grass per run Summons new familiar when needed. Renews summoning points when needed. If teleporting, automatically logs out when out of needed materials/runes. Rests at bank when needed. Detailed paint with statistics Full anti-ban protection Solves all random playerup Perfect Soulwars General information Bot after bot we tell you how good it is with how many points or XP you can get. All i can say is this isn't the same overpriced SoulWars bot as other sites' ones.We have priced it cheaper and have worked on this for many months and it is now Perfecticus! Perfect Soul Wars gives you the opportunity to customize your pure to the max, you can get 99 strength/range/mage/attack with 10 hp. Given that, you can create the ultimate pure, both for f2p and p2p. Ever dreamt of a 1 99 1 obby mauler with 50 hp? The ultimate low lvl p2p pure?Or perhaps dreamt of 40 99 1 with 50 hp? The ultimate f2p pure? Perfect Soul Wars is the thing for you! At a rate of 4-9 zeal per hour, you will get amazing stats in no time. Features User-friendly, easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface)! Support for Combat: Fights players and monster Support for Bandages: Heals teammates ( Good for 10 hp pures) Very advanced method to select the winning team Very advanced method to fighting player Super fast and efficient w/ nice status screen Will gain up to 9 zeal per hour. Inbuilt break system. (Never interrupts game) Completely Flawless! Barricade detection and removal feature Perfect zone management, never gets stuck. Grave Detection Sources: ***************************************************** Contact me please - *****************************************************
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