Trading Trading Top Destiny account for max cp eso account

Discussion in 'Destiny Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Ethan Keith, 7/5/17.

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    I'm trading a destiny account with 3 400+ characters, two warlocks and a hunter with most sub classes maxed, this account includes most adept weapons and almost all exotic weapons period, including outbreak prime, vex mythoclast, nechrochasm and if you beat oryx you will get touch of malice I have all 50 fragments, and all other steps completed, I have all useful exotics armor pieces for the two classes,I have completes vog, crota and wrath not kings fall because I have been too lazy to do so, also I have all dlcs, I have a perfect roll palindrome, a 1.0 kd,and a mediocre roll eysaluna, I also forgot to mention I have a ice breaker and a dark drinker, I have been flawless once and have the adept blind predition, and uses the flawless ortamented on the hunters year three trials cloak, also thsi account has preordered the desriny 2 digital collectors edition and has beta access, I'm looking to trade this for a max cp eso account with all dlc's including morrowind, at least 6 max characters which has to include a magica sorcerer with bis gear for pve and if possible pvp but mainly pve, and has dro m'athra skin, and can do all end game content, and must have completed malestrom and I would like to see pics of the whole account and all of your gear sets, and malestrom weapons, as I will do the same for my destiny account, my kik is Draven_Thomas, to discuss everything and learn more about one another's accounts msg me or if you have any other questions.
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