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    Level 59 HYBRID! 99 mage! 94 Fishing! 70 range/str/agil![RSGP]Hey, once again selling a pure, with 99 MAGIC, and 94 fishing. You can make shitloads of cash off this. He has the ability to use sara strike outside of mage arena. Has staff and cape. 50fm/10 fletch starting to train reqs for DT. I have all membership info etc, pass only changed once. Can reach 99 range/str without gaining a single cmb level, if you don't level hp. Post your /pm me. STILL FOR SALE, NOW HAS 23m wealth. Leading bidder: none Almost no wealth due to scam.[SWAP] Swapping Beast Prayer Pure for 99 Agility Account [SWAP]Title say's all, swapping my BEAST Prayer Pure with 3 99's(Nearly 4) for an Account with 99 Agility. I would also prefer of the account does not have any other combat skills, trained besides defence. Account Must: -Pass a recovery Test -You must be original owner -Must be able to provide a little bit of RSGP aswell -MUST NOT HAVE ANY OFFENCES(Active Ones) Thread can be found at: :///showthread.php?t=1185732 ^That is the account I am swapping.[RSGP] Baked.'s Account Shop [RSGP]Hey, welcome to my account shop. I will only be accepting RSGP per account, please read my T.O.S at the end. Please post your bids and/or add me on . My only is; [email protected] Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Account 5: (Rare name, pm me for it.) Account 6: Terms of service. I will only go first if I deem you trusted, if not, then we will use an MM, which we can both agree on. I provided proof that you own the RSGP. I will give you ISP, creation date etc. with every purchase. None of these accounts were botted. I only accept RSGP.[110Vouches]Selling level 32 Obby Mauler![RSGP]Hey everyone, I'm selling this level 32 Obby Mauler for RSGP only. I'm not going first; I can link you to my 110 + Vouches. It doesn't have an email, or recovery questions registered. Thanks, Wub.Low Combat Amazing Pure | Wrecks All Its Level | 33m Wealth | Active Membership |RSGP/ and Paypal (to very trusted) A/W: $30.00 USD : [email protected] The account is combat level 47 with 95 strength and comes with: - Gold - Pking supplies - Death Plateau quest completed - Active Membership that ends August 22 - ALL recovery information Combat Level: Stats & Wealth: Login Screen: Black Marks:Selling 99 Prayer + Herby Account!Hey all, I've decided it's time to sell this account due to the fact that I no longer play on it, and really have no use for it. Combat level is 60, also has close to 1k overloads, and a ton of other extreme potions. Bank is filled with various junk, really. I removed my email, and recoveries are currently set due to the fact that I can't seem to find a way to delete them (used to be able to delete them via recover stolen password). Account is mine originally mine, and every piece of information will be provided. If you're obviously trusted, I have no problems going first, otherwise OMM, possibly MM will be used. Here are the pictures: Also, it's ranked in the "bloody sw" soul wars chat. Only taking RSGP. Post here if you're interested, or PM me with your .Selling Summoning tank with 90 hp 75 defence (53 Combat)(OO KeroKeroCola)Hey, so i recently came across this account, original owner being KeroKeroCola (Ex-Mod). I have all info to recover, and am fine with doing a recovery test. E-mail is mine which will be changed to yours before the trade is completed. : [email protected] S/b:10M A/w: 30M Pictures:buying a low level pure with a choatic /1 pray+deF is a MUSTOFFERING a level 120 maxed thats almost double nats and 7 99's will confirm in game or let you check it out
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