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    [$/RSGP] Selling - Low Level Recipe For Disaster PureWsup Time for me to sell my recipe for disaster project, wich almost is finished. It's a level 34 with 54 Magic, 45 Ranged, 40 Attack, 40 Strength, 1 Defence, and 1 Prayer - Starting Bid: 5$ - Autowin: 20$ : [email protected] Media..Sick Summoning Tank!Hello, this is my summoning tank which I am willing to sell if I get the right price: Defence Level: 63 Attack Level: 1 Strength Level: 1 Constitution Level: 46 Summoning Level: 16 Prayer Level: 1 Combat Level: 29Selling Fishing skiller!Going to highest bid!Cheap!Buy Now!Sorry for the repost couldn't edit my old 1.But the highest bidder will get this account.Pretty good for a layed back player who likes fishing.AMAZING low level skiller [99 SMITHING] [99 WC]Hi, for sale is my low-level skiller which I recently purchased here on from KerokeroCola - his thread can be found here: :///showthread.php?t=1159379 My reasons for selling are as follows. * I recently managed to recover my own account back, so no longer need this. * I am growing tired of new accounts, I just want to use my own. About the player: * It has a very low combat level, less than 20 * It has two 99's, Smithing (very expensive) and Woodcutting (a great money maker) * It comes with created date, isp, previous passwords, previous and current recoveries and any other info. required. Here are some pictures: A/W = 70 USD, or .6$/M Feel free to bid, I will accept only Paypal or RSGP. Feel free to ask any questions, I will not go first. I will meet in-game. I will happily use an OMM, but you will pay the fees. Thanks!Selling acc! 92 Fletch, 80 wc, 49 prayHere's the account, I just don't play anymore and have no interest in doing so, so I figured I might try and get a little bit for this account. Looking for $5 paypal, gifted. Quests done: Death Plateau Lost City Priest In Peril Temple of Ikov The Tourist Trap Troll Stronghold Waterfall Quest (Needs only "The Digsite" To start Desert Treasure, everything else is ready. Items: 157k Dragon Scimmy Dragon Dagger (p) Warrior Ring Red Dragon Mask Staff of Zamorak No Email Registered Recoveries are being removed Pics:

    [RSGP] Low Level Str Pure.Selling this low level str pure, this is my first account sale on , it may not be what your looking for but expect more from me in the future. :[email protected] level 3 skiller with 99 Construction.It was handmade! There is no risk of receiving a ban at the account. The account has a 3 letter display name, and it has an email login. I accept only RSGP, and will go first if you are very trusted, otherwise we use MM. OFFER ME RSGP. Send me a Pm with offer, or post it here with your .1 Def low lvl pure 46 CMBAtt; 50 str; 56 def 1 range 50 mage 1 hp49 slay 10 craft 7 dung 6 rest skills all 1! Combat 46 NOTE: theres 1,8m in memb items on the account but f2p at the moment A/W 5m
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