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    void pure (92 cb) rsgpok so heres the deal.. i kinda screwed up and the def isnt quested, so i will sell for pretty cheap.. heres the acc.. (has korasi quest and vengance done) Login: Uploaded with Stats: Uploaded with Quests: Uploaded with Bank: Uploaded with quests: Uploaded with please offer, im selling for cheap!main/skiller 99 hunter, 96 fletchingOk, so i got 2 Accounts to sell. Taking offers, highest one wins. Why im selling? Well i bought these accounts and realized i wanted a high level main to do god wars/borrows. Yes both these accounts have emails and recoveries, i dont know them so i tried to change and they are still in the changing process. You can delete mine i tried to change and put your own in. These are GAURANTEED 100% Safe and will not be recovered by the previous owners because these are from sites that i bought from multiple times, i have never heard of them recovering accounts. Account 1 has multiple holiday items. Account 2 has membership till nov 19th and has a 33M bank. It has enough resources to get to 99 fletching. We will use a MM or OMM at your expense. We will agree upon a MM if used. What payments am i accepting? -Paypal -RSGP These are the only payments im accepting as of now unless your highly trusted with a account to trade for these. Account #1/Main Mute that has expired. Account #2/Skiller/Main Minor Macroing but if you watch it closley while botting you wont have a problem.Buying Ini Pure / Addy Daddy / 1-30 DefIts simple. buying a pure with 1-30 def, quested or not. Must have 85+ range Must have 85+ Strength Attack Magic Hp Summon Prayer not really worried about. We will use a MM for this trade with you doing a Recovery test. I can offer Paypal or a nearly maxed barrowspure. ME @ [email protected] No time wasters pleasebuying turmoil pure or Beast 1 def pure!Hey guys looking for a beast 1def pure or a turmoil pure. Will not go first unless 100+ vouches. Will not trade with you unless you are an active member or above. You must have a decent ammount of vouches. Dont try to scamm me i've seen it all. Thx and justt post below I use paypal.SELLING pure zerker LVL 90 going cheap [RSGP]The account is a level 90 with a cool name lvl 90 str 75 att 45 def 43 prayer im only accsepting RUNESCAPE GP in the ammount of 20-35 mill cool name to add : [email protected] soz but i dont no how to isert pic the deal will be half the money than i give account than other half of moneyLooking for good 1 defence pures[paypal]Looking to buy a good 1 defence pure, from trusted members only post away95 pray /quested 37def/unfinished zerkerquested def, havent finished all def quests yet decided to go back to my initiate pure after 95 pray -___- , xfered my gp and items ,leave an email w/offer or whatever ,Selling Level 72 Nearly Maxed PERF G mauler ( 1 2)A/w is 150m. Offer Away please. I am aware this is my first post here which is why we will use an MM or you will go first.
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