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    Selling/trading 85cmb pure(85 dung, 99 str, Rapier)Hey sythe community today I'm bringing you this amazing pure, I would like too trade or sell for PP or RSGP. There is no a/w and I will sell to best offer here are the pics. Send me messages via email @ [email protected] or sythe pm. oh its got 115k tokens btw, I'm going for maul and will continue dunging until i sell or swap it.[RSGP] Level 73 with Void melee and range set [RSGP]This is my 100% legit void pure/starter main. It has full void set with both melee and range helmets. Not writing much, has no wealth but some good skiller stats that could make money. Pics speak for themselves. A/W is now 10M ONO[RSGP/PayPal] Epic Hybrid Pure [RSGP/PayPal]Recoveries will be changed to the buyers after purchase. EMAIL NOW REMOVED Not much to say really MM done DT done HFTD done Charms to get 57 sum and use Ghrakk and 50 RC to craft nats 76 Hunter for hunting Chins Good money making account and epic pker Able to smite out plenty of claws LOOKING FOR RSGP OR PAYPAL NO SPAWPS I WILL NOT GO FIRST, WE CAN USE OMM AT YOUR EXPENSE. A/W: 35M Current bid: $13[PayPal]sell rangetank 85 dung ccb rigour f cape.hello. I am selling my tank ranger because it was fun but i want to focus on my main. the tanker is pretty ownage it has rigour i already buyt it only needing 2 more pray levels it has a chaotic cbow wich owns pretty dam much and it got a f cape and a torso a rune defender and love you. it also have soem pretty much c wars tickets thats nice ifu want faithfull shield. just put some bids aw= 65 mill log in screen stats inven i will not going first, i am only going first if u are very trusted i dont have probles with omm. it dont haves recovs only email when somebody gonna buy te email will be changed to yours, hope u liked it.99range / 90dung / ccb / rigour / 3k Crims / 20 effigies! PURE!Sup, done playing this acc, legitly trained this account at frosts whilst watching tv, hence the high amount of effigies/crims, pics below; Autowin=99M (more than happy to use OMM!) Main features are: 99range / chaotic c-bow / rigour! (smited 14 pairs of claws!) Stats: (99range / 90dung / 84mage / 74prayer / 85hp / 71mining / total1063) Items: (3095crimsons / complete unholy book (16M cost) / chaotic crossbow) Effigies: (20 effigies 10 are gorged) Dungeoneering Tokens: (127,193) Please post any questions etc... Goodluck!Selling CHEAP RANGE TANKClosed.[RSGP/PP]Selling Level 94 Dung Pure (80 Atk, 81 Str, 20 Def, 94 Dung) --I am selling my level 83 Dung Pure (80 Atk, 81 Str, 20 Def, 94 Dung) which has 3 Chaotics, vigour, and some Gravites. I am selling for RSGP or Payments through PayPal. I will not go first, and if you don't, I will get an OMM. Your offer, and please, no bullshit ones either (like 20m, or $30). gold4rs was willing to buy my account for $110, but they are known to be cheap. Thanks! When the account is sold, I will provide you with: -Recovery Question Answers -Payment -Date Account was Made -IP Address -When I moved -And I will change the email to yours. PS-Not interested in trading accounts, so don't ask![RSGP]~Pures Shop~Amazing Account, Cheap PRICE!Amazing Pures Shop! Account 1 Features: Desert treasure - Done Monkey Madness - Done Green Zone Account 2 Desert treasure - Done Monkey Madness - Done Green Zone Interested? Write to : [email protected]
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