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    99 Mining/Smithing Lvl3 skiller [RSGP or Paypal]No longer for saleSelling Decent 40 Attack Strength Pure![PP]Hi im selling this f2p str pure with 1 defense, pray. has high str, hp for its cb. it has almost 4m with 87 mining and almost 76 str. 52 cb im looking for paypal only i have quit runescape, sold 2/3 accounts this being my last. paypal only guys no swaps or rsgp. a sensible offer will be accepted. add my - [email protected] Uploaded with ImageShack.usRSGP Selling strength pure with 40 attack RSGP!please post offers below, PICS RSGP POST OFFERS BELOW :[email protected] : HailmahSwag51 Combat Acc with EarsHey folks, I'm looking to sell an account with Bunny Ears and! These items are impossible to get ever again, and 99% of people in scape do not have them. They're extremely rare. The stats of the account are 51 combat 54 str 40 att 27 def 32 range 25 pray 1 mage 46 hp If you're interested, leave a reply with an offer. I'll be checking up on this thread so let me know. See yaBuying f2p pure at least 80 strHi guys im looking for a f2p pure at least 80str and needs to have 1 def I can pay with rsgp and will be willing to use a mm or a omm at your expense ThanksBuying f2p pure for 25mI would like to buy a f2p pure that has 40+atk 80+range 80+strength 1def+1prayer+50magic. I will buy it for 25m. However I will increase the amount of rsgp given if you do have higher stats. The account should have NO blackmarks, recovery questions, or email registered. I will personally be paying for a MM. Thank you Vouches: :///showthread.php?t=1305290[Buying] F2p Melee Pure {Paypal}Hey I wanna buy a f2p melee pure Att:40 Str:75+ Def:1 Range:preferably 1 Prayer:1 Mage:preferably 1 Will be using Paypal and an MM post the stats here and your ill pm if interested[RSGP/PayPal] Selling Level 59 Skiller/Pure with 99 Mage/Fishing/Fletching!C/B: A/W: 75m/$50 NO Swaps! ONLY Trusted! Auto-win is not what Im hoping to get, more or less what I wish I could get. The account is valued at that or a little less, but Im taking all bids into consideration. Thank you for looking, AA
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