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    Level 60 mauler pure [Dt Done] 80 mage.Hello I will be selling this account to the highest bidder, I will not go first (last month I lost my 119 with full 99 skills [Non combat]) I will NOT accept accounts/paypal/account upgrades. I will go 50/50 but just not first.. No Recuvs, email will be given after sale. Has 24 days of membership left. Already has about 2m cash, and 3m worth of alching left. Pics VVVVVVVVV Post offers here, do not or pm me (unless its a very nice offer)[No Swaps] Selling lvl 82 [$150 paypals]Pic's Here Fully quested hc pure - Desert Treasure Done - Recipe for Disaster - Rune gloves - Monkey Madness - Can use Handcannon no swaps/ paypal only 150.00$ auto win my is : [email protected][Rsgp/Paypal] Selling lvl 98 boxer w/ 84 woodcut and more (25 days members left)Accepting RS Gold or USD via Paypal. Upon purchasing this account you will recieve: A.)previous passwords B.)Previous membership pins = [email protected] bidding starts at 5Mselling a level 97 sorrow pure with chaotic staffselling level 97 sorrow pure 91str 94mage 60atk 75def peity chaotic staff 60m rsgp i aint going 1st so dont offer that most ppl on ere are scammers ill do 25m upfront then other 35m after i give pass email : [email protected] : jayboner1 i trust people more threw [swap] level 90 pure | 99 str | 75 atk | 99 agil, woodcut, fletching |2.8b bankive got a level 89 combat ags pure with 99 str, 75 attk, 20 def, 91 hp, 91 range, 96 magic, 99 fletch, woodcut, and agillity, im tired of pure pking especially with the new settings i am looking for a rich main to trade with nice stats and good quests done!!!! NO SCAMS! it has 2.8b bank worth, firecape, claws, ags, and much much more!!!! rune gloves dessert treasure done and every other pure quest it has no recov questions or email set, along with 2 months membership! or email me at [email protected] ----SCAMMERS DONT WAISTE YOUR TIME------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- vouches just recently got one because i traded an account for an account sythe/showthread.php?p=7691108#post7691108[RS2GP] 86+5 pure, 75 att, 99range, 99mage, 96 str, smiteHi, I am selling this pure, I have worked on it for about 6 months, recovs are now unset. Can't get the email unset, as i don't know the password to the account :s. I would like to use an OMM or Trusted MM, i will pay the fee. If you don't agree to use an OMM/ Trusted MM, then you will go first. edit: recovs are now unset lastly. I am not sure how much I am looking for, the account has 0GP wealth. I am open to all reasonable bids. cheers. pictures below. Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP] Selling beast zerker!Yo guys, Selling this zerker for 35m RSGP, Taking no accounts or paypal or what ever, just RSGP. Stats, and yeah thats a Staff of light on the floor, so comes with 2.5m Dragon gloves, lunars and 170qp, So close to barrows. No recoverys etc. Quote: Originally Posted by Louis :) Vouch for Ahrim-Ownz, sold me an account, he went first, a+++++++++ seller Market mod, Official MM, Runescape Mod, Donator vouch. More in profile. Post your and offer. Thanks.[Ex-Mod][RSGP] Selling Amazing Handcannon Pure ( 1 2)Already sold my initiate pure today, now I need to sell my great handcannon pure. Completely dominates when PKing and can effectively two-hit anybody his level. If you want to buy a unique account that is a great rusher/PKer but are afraid of it getting recovered, look no further. I can assure you that I do not intend on ever playing on this account again. Comes with: 8.5M in cash and items (more in bank) Handcannon quests all complete and ready to go 88 Firemaking RARELY blows up the handcannon, you don't burn many at all Combat is 70 No PIN/Recoveries/E-Mail I am the original owner as well as the only person who has been on the account (aside from a quester months ago). You go first or we can use an OMM at your expense. Serious offers of RSGP ONLY. Thanks for looking. A/W = 80M
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