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    Selling zerker pure combat lvl 79hello everybody i got a zerker pure i would like to sell for runescape gold only. the account has done desert treasure, monkey madness, lost city, fremnnik trials, it has dragon gloves from recipe for disaster. The account is 80 strength, 60 attack, 45 defense, 43 prayer, 68 lifepoints, 63 magic, and 64 range. Some other notable stats are 75 thieving, 81 cooking, and 53 agility. the account is combat level 79 and has 125 quest points. the account has absolutely no money on it. I would like to trade for RUNESCAPE GOLD ONLY. Tell me how much gold you want to buy it for and i'll get back to you. i would put a picture up but i dont know how to sorry maybe someone can tell me and i'll post a pic of the accountSelling GODLY Fully-Quested Initate Pure with 96 Strength |94 Mage|Sold.Selling starter range tank { PayPal }for $7 PayPal ONLY. I will not be going first at any time. If your interested contact me at [email protected] here are pics Enjoy If your interested contact me at [email protected][RSGP] Level 62 With 94 Mage, 82 Range, 60 Attack, 73 Strength [DT Done]Title pretty much says it, i've decided to quit my pure that has taken me a few months to make, and im focusing on my staker right now so i need some more RSGP. I can gladly show you my staker if you want.. Only using this because Powerbot is acting wierd and getting DDoSed. Combat : 62 I know the HP Is low, but really, i tank it out. Just use 4 phoenix necks in multi has about 8 Twins =P EDIT TO THE PC, I FORGOT TO ADD A CANNON, SOME CANNON BALLS AND 200K RANGE GUILD TICKETS - 13M W/ CVLS, 8M W/O! RSGP Values only please.. My Is : [email protected] (no space) bump.Awsum Staker!!!!!hey guys selling this char gl and start bidding accepting rsgp, i will go first if trusted, if not we use a trusted mm, or u first stats recovs[Paypal/RSGP] Selling level 90 tank with 99 hunterSelling my old tank, It started out as a skiller then a pure then a zerker and now 70def. Its a good account i'm just tired of pking with deffense also i already made a new account a range/mage pure so therefore i will not accept swaps. My is [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with[rsgp]60 att pure + d clawsStats: Bank: Blackmarks: Login: More Info: The account has only been member since Feb. 19th. I did not use a pin/CC etc. It was bought as an upgrade from this thread: sythe/showthread.php?p=8060715#post8060715 as you can see in the login pic the membership expires march 19th. The account has never had recoveries/email registered in my possession. When I got the account there were no email/recovs/membership. I will not be going first under any circumstances. Look through my post history and you'll find multiple trades dating back to 2007. I've been here for almost 4 years, never scammed despite being scammed. I will only go first to staff (admin, mods etc.). OMM can be used at your expense (Fees, finding one etc.). Trusted MM's will not be used unless they are applying for OMM etc. my is: [email protected] Thanks guys. edit:The account is now almost 83 str.[Paypal]Selling level 61 staker|Range Staker|103MWell i am about to quit runescape and i am looking to get rid of my accounts. This staker is great as hp is really important with range staking and 78 range is great because you can use Morrigan Javelins. Email will be removed when i find a price i want. We will use a OMM or you will be going first because i won't be scammed for 150 dollars. SB - 100 A/W - 160 NO SWAPS Contact me at [email protected]
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