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    selling lvl 82 zerk pure, 91 mage, 88 ranged, 84 str.Selling my zerker couse focusing on my pure instead, it has vengence (with pot), about 4m wealth (very organised) Lunar done/rfd allmost finished Uploaded with happy bidding =)ChristmasCracker's pure/staker sales. - Trusted - 50$ Donor - 125+ vouches ( 1 2 3)RSGP is the ONLY form of payment accepted. No swaps. No $ offers. You first|Omm(You pay fee) Vouches in sig, TWC appeal in sig as well. All accounts will have ZERO gp on them. All buyers will be given current information on the account. Current offers: 1 : 0m | AW: 75m 2 : 0m | AW: 75m 3 : 0m | AW: 50m 4 : 40m | AW: 75m 5 : Sold to Giddy for 190m. 6 : 270m | AW: 450m Post prices/Pm prices/ prices (not going to do image tags, to much work for me. Breif account info will be after the #) #1 Level 64 - 99 Hunter(16m xp) 60-86-1, 33 range 34 prayer, 50 hp, 80 magic. Stats: Quests: Combat: #2 Level 88 - 70-87-45, 71 range, 52 prayer, 94 magic, 78 hp. 99 wc Stats: Quests: Combat: #3 Level 69 - 60-80-1, 70 range, 43 prayer, 72 hp, 89 magic, 75 mining Stats: Quests: Combat: #4 Level 94 - 80-84-81, 80 range, 1 prayer, 84 hp, 69 magic, 1 sum Quests: Combat: #5 Level 106 - 70-60-76, 74 range, 99 prayer, 88 hp, 99 magic, 99 Herblore. Gilded alter in house. Over 500mil spent on herb, over 200m spent on prayer, over 150m spent on magic. Sold to Giddy for 190m. Sold to Giddy for 190m. Stats: Quests: Combat: #6 Level 112 - 99-97-99, 98 hp, 70 range, 2 prayer, 52 magic, 1 summon Stats: Quests: Nothing done. Combat: 70 def with 99 ranged!Hello everyone, I am selling my 70 def/99 ranged account. I am selling it because I am not using it anymore, I haven't been using it for over half a year. I am working on my berserker pure atm. (iDECLARE WAR) The stats of the 70 def / 99 ranged are; 75 att | 86 str | 70 def | 52 pray | 99 ranged |72 magic | 91 hp | 99 combat It has a cool name too! Here is a pic that shows the stats above! Here is a pic that show some member items it still has. For more information or details, contact me on [email protected] I am looking for RsGp in trade for my 70 def/99 ranged so I can get started on my berserker pure! Hope you guys know enough for now! Happy bidding. Greetings, LaurenceLvl 60 Half finished pureStarted making a G-Maul/Blitz pure, got to 81 str and couldn't be bothered anymore and decided to focus on my main, so decided I may as well put this on here see if I can get anything for it. Even if you don't want to buy it, can somebody at least tell me how much they think its worth as I'm new to the forums and dont want to get ripped off. 50 Attack 81 Strength 1 Defence 65 Mage 31 Prayer No members, no recovery questions. Make offers on here.[PayPal/RSGP] Selling Zerker pure - 99Fish/WC OFFER [PayPal/RSGP]Selling lvl 85 zerker with 99 fish and woodcut/DT/MM/Veng done OFFER up .. NEEDS TO BE VARIFIED Also need a .. PICS:: LOGIN: CB: STATS: BANK: QUESTS: BLACKMARKS: offer away... : [email protected] 79 Pure 95 str! 85 mage, 85 range! (got vouches)selling a level 79 hybrid pure done DT and monkey madness, i used for pking/staking it is awesome, photos below looking for rscp/ paypal not fussed offer, looking for quick deal, ill add you on , !Selling GREAT runescape account in 2 hours or lessHey im selling my runescape account i had forgotten about this stuff for a long time. I used to be a member of this forum like 4 years ago never got banned or anything. I know theres alot of people that scam and rip people off. Anyways i dont use this account no more so anyone that is interested in buying it let me know ATTACK 71 DEFENCE 70 Strenght 75 Health 73 Range 70 prayer 50 magic 75 cookin 65 woodcutting 75 fletching 74 fishin 66 firemaking 51 crafting 56 smithing 53 mining 61 herblore 38 agility 47 theiving 53 salyer 42 farming 37 runecrafting 55 hunter 57 construction 46 let me know if your interested and how much you are willing to pay transaction will be done thru paypalselling level 86 members account!! rare(rsgp)selling for rsgp only! hoping for 5mil, 7 year old account with holiday items! user name is i dip 4 buzz
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