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    Great Starter pure [1 def]Hey, I'm selling my lv 62 range/mele pure, with 1 def and 43 pray looking for $20 or 25m, bid away! [ note: all recoveries and email will be removed at time of purchase ] 67 con is for a great way to make money: house teleport tabs, makes great money and good magic xp, what else can you ask for?(s) Pure in the making! Has Bunny Ears!!!!hey sythe. i have been a member of sythe since 2007. i am here to sell 1 of my 2 bunny ears accounts. it has the potential to be a rune pure/ zerker. the bunny ears is the main attraction though. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS TO SOMEONE I HAVE TRADED WITH IN MY PAST. I ONLY ACCEPT RSGP is in the sig.[BUYING] Low level DDser or Ancients pure![Paypal]MUST BE TRUSTED! Just got back from Iraq and in need of a new pure account payment will be paypal my max atm is $80 USD you must be trusted and have over 40+ Legit vouches or a MM or Market admin. Post here before adding my with links to your account or a pic of stats! MY ONLY is [email protected] Or my Xbl gamertag is I DMR MAgiC[RSGP] Selling level 78, 3 charater name pureHi i'm selling my level 78 pure, it has a 3 charater name, pretty nice name aswell. Stats: 40 Att 50 Str 75 Def 70 Range 44 Prayer 73 Magic 99 Thieving 62 Farming Fire cape Post with offers, i'll upload pictures when i get back from my exam.Cheap Maxed Whip Pure 3 99's Rsgp- 99 Strength-99minning-99 Woodcutting, Greate PkerHi There, selling my maxed whip, great pker. Need money for my new dicing level 3. I quit Runescape pures, I just want an account that I can make money on. Your email of choice will be registered on payment, therefore, I won't be able to recover. Account is not muted, was for 1 day. The offence was for advertising the soul wars clan I was in. -.- Selling the account with no wealth. I will not go first unless you pay for a . Open to all offers. Autowin is 45million. Post your here if you make an offer as well please. Thanks!Selling main with veng! 89 range (RSGP)Pictures soon im looking for offers no ridiculous offers. rsn:iTorag add me if interested: [email protected] Rune pure/Overloads!/60 Attack/40 DefClosed.Selling 69 Rapier pure + ring of rigour!! [ONLY 40M]Playing my other pure full time so selling this one. I have all info for the account. MM can be used at your expense. POST YOUR ! 40M IS STARTING BID!
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