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    Buying 80 dung 1 defence pure Paypal or RsgpHi guys, Im searching for any 1 defence pure with 80 dung and preferbly 1 pray for staking. I would prefere to pay via paypal.. but in same cases i pay offer rsgp. Feel free to message me to talk in furthur detail. Would be great if i could get a few offers. Many thanksSelling Barrows Pure (Has Vengeance!)Hey Guy's This is my barrows pure i don't use anymore. Has venge , high-ish dung , Okay Stats I would like around 15-20M? Thanks I Don't know much about sythe. So a little help would be nice.Buying 1 def pureI am buying a 1 def pure post your accounts, and , and price below i will add you, if im interested in your accountSelling level 92 main!Thread closed, sorry.Selling MAXED 60 ATTACK PURE---1 DEFHello guys, I am going to attend the Chico State college in about a week and I have no time for RS anymore. I am quitting and selling my maxed 60 attack pure. Price is very cheap due to me needing a little money for college as soon as possible. I will take $65 at the bare minimum for this account. He is 99 str 99 range 99 hp 99 mage 45 prayer 1 defence 56 summoning! I will email picture if you are interested. I only really reply to texts so if your wanting an amazing account well worth over $150 for just 65$$$ then txt me @ 19168042462. I will not go first due to me already losing out on a lot of money. I just need some money and really cbf playing this game anymore. BTW i have played on this account for about 3 years and spent a lot of time on it. I will give more details about the account when interested and txting me....(dung lvl, etc.) Thanks guys. Hope somebody is interested. Your really getting a great buy.[1358 Total/89 Dung]Selling Beast Range Tank[Chaotic CBow/Rigour]Selling this pking machine, perfect for anti-rushing! What comes with the account: 44 Quest Points Chaotic Crossbow Rigour Prayer Arcane stream Necklace Upgraded Wildstalker Helm Lunar Dimplomacy Completed Hand Cannon Quest Completed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/W = 40M ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subscription will be cancelled upon purchase. PM me on forums if interested. If your going to attempt to scam don't bother...Fully quested 40 def pure with fire cape! nearly maxed!give me ure s or messengers and i will message u asap(rsgp) lvl 94 Turmoil 40 def rune pure, full quested. (rsgp)Hey guys, selling this turmoil rune pure for RSGP. i'll make the autowin 50-100m. Fully quested, 75 attack 88 strength 82 range 95 prayer 96 mage. High skill levels. here are pics mates [][/IMG] Uploaded with [][/IMG] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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