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    [rsgp][swap][paypal] Selling Blitz-dds hybrid, 86 crafting, 67 hunt 2m+Sold. Please Close.[RSGP] Selling Amazing 97 Staker [PROOF OF SUCCESS!]This staker has taken a while to get where he is now. He's done fremmy trials, but never felt like doing the isles. Has a dragon defender already. Went for 65 def for bandos. I'm selling him because he's made me enough to fund me a pker, and I don't need 2 characters with my new girlfriend. For everyone thats going to say EWW HIS DEF IS SO LOW! HE'S NOT A STAKER. Figure out what you're talking about before you say something. This kind of staker is made for no arm whip staking. Where you slap on a vls in the fight. And steal moneyz. I didn't keep raising str because he hits plenty hard, and 99 attack would be MUCH more benefitial than 99 str. But, stopped at 93 because I have plenty to make whatever toon I want. Not a huge fan of screen shots but made a few at the last second to assure his success. He comes with a VLS that's started to deg. but I would say it still has enough time to win 200-300 more mills. Stats: Proof Of Vesta And It's My Acct: Login Screen: Warn/Ban: A Few Stakes: Upon purchase. I will explain everything you need to know about the character to be successful. As for "NO PHAT STAKES U SUX!!!1!" "The Tortuous and the Hair" C/o: 0 A/w: 30m Doesn't mean I won't take anything but 50m, just means, if you offer 50m, it's yours, no questions asked. And yes, we WILL be using an OMM at your expense. EDIT: Come with 1 Gorged (Smithing), and 4 Starved Effigys.Buying Staker! [RSGP] Must 1 Sum/Pray!Buying a staker for up to 100m rsgp, must have 1 sum and 1 pray, please leave pic or link to your thread =-) thanks. [email protected][Paypal/RSGP] 60/99/1 Addy Gloves Pure!Hey guys! Lemar here selling a pure. Not many vouches but have been here and played for a loooong time. Dont mind meeting up with you ingame if wanted. Bank Stats Recovs. Offences Current Bid- $0 A/W- - [email protected] MY ONE AND ONLY! Dont even bother trying to scam, honestly you'll be wasting your time. Willing to meet up if you live in Southern California. About Me. I started playing RS back in 2006 when my cousin introduced it to me. Throughout the years I played on and off, juggling runescape between school,football, and family. When the wilderness was removed I quit for a while, knowing it wouldnt be the same. I have played on and off since then, and since the return of wildy I want to get rid of any accounts I previously owned and solely focus on my main. Will accept paypal only with instructions. You will go first, unless you're trusted (I'll determine that ) We can use an OMM but you pay fees. (willing to do recovery test with OMM)Post Offers For Ultimate AccountPost offers for this account and i might sell it. More pictures if i actually do decide to sell. Contact at [email protected] tinypic/r/2j5fa79/7 i51.tinypic/207uaep.jpgSelling Void Melee Pure Beast!hello i am selling this pure for rsgp he has full void monkey madness done lost city done pretty good pker please post offers below and add my [email protected]|Rsgp| perfect ini-pure|fully quested|firecape|91 str|94 Mage | 88rng|Rsgp|Hello sythe im interested in selling my initiate pure. Edit: NOW DONE DRAGON HAI QUEST Rules & Procedure: I WILL NOT go first. I WILL use a middle man. I ONLY accept rsgp. When offering post + offer. Account Info: The account has 1 month + members. It is fully quested. It has rune gloves. It has a firecape. It is READY to pk.[RSGP / PP] Selling Cheap Level 74 Claw Prod [RSGP / PP]Starting Bid: 25M / $20 Current Bid: $30 Autowin: 55M / $42.50 1. Quote: Originally Posted by Serozha vouch to mile-8 just sold him 2 upgrades, he went first things went smooth. 2. Quote: Originally Posted by Trioburrito gr8 sell he went first trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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