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    Spending 20m On A Staking AccountLooking for a decent staking account, I have 20m to spend. Don't try scamming,I'm not stupid enough to fall for it. Thanks.Buying boxerBuying a boxer for paypal $. A boxer will need to include: -1 prayer -1 summoning -High hp -High attack -High defence -Lower strength MUST BE CB 90+ Add me on to talk but post first or you will be ignored. We can sort out the method and everything once a good account is found. Flame will be reported[Paypal] Buying good 1 def PureMy budget is $32, and it has to have under 44 prayer, with dt done. My is [email protected][RSGP] 94 mage 90 range DT done.SOLD TO MRAZTEK! Big vouch for him, i went first. all went smooth.Buying a 1 defence, 60 attack, 99 strength pker![RSGP/PAYPAL]Hey guys; Looking to buy an account to play around with PK'ing. Stat Requirements(AS A MUST): 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 Defence 1-31 Prayer BONUSES(NOT ESSENTIAL): Range/Mage 80+ RFD Gloves DT/MM/Lost City Looking to pay with either RSGP, PAYPAL or a combonation of both; will also chuck in any accounts in my sale(Check sig) with the deal. Please post your offers and Prices and I'll get back to you ASAP. I WILL NOT go first unless you are VERY trusted; you will go first allowing me to recov test, or pay for an OMM to do so!Selling A Lvl 99 Tank Ranger---rsgold OnlyHEY IM SELLING A LEVEL 99 TANK RANGER ON RS... THE STATS ARE AS FOLLOWS: 48ATTACK 43STRENGTH 71 DEFENCE 95 RANGE 52 PRAYER 94 MAGIC 85 HITPOINTS........IT ALSO HAS SOMEOTHER REALLY GOOD STATS.... THE DISPLAY NAME IS:420GANJAWEED OFFER ME OR YOU CAN E-MAIL ME AT [email protected] LOOKING FOR ATLEAST 35M[PAYPAL] Looking to buy a pureHi Sythe, i am looking to buy a pure account from a SERIOUS seller, i will only buy from you if you have 40+ vouches or unless you are a OMM, if you are one of the above then please read on. I will be buying any type of pure, 1 def pures $20-100 45 def pures $40-150 turmoil/ovl/chaotic pures $100+ I have a spending limit of $400 dollars and if you are trusted enough i will go first, if not i will not be trading with you. Please post back on here to let me know if you are interested in selling me a pure. EDIT- will pay extra for chaotic wepaons, fire capes, ardy cloaks, hard quests completed & big banks.◄★►Korasi Pure◄ ►Maxed◄ ►OMM◄ ►Addy Gloves◄★► Epic✔ RSGP✔ PayPal✔ ★14 defense★I will not go first. You will go first or we will use a OMM. My : [email protected] No recoveries No email. 90 + 8 Combat. AW: Not set. Completed book of war. (Bandos god book) Void Stares Back Completely done. 25m Strength EXP. 16m Range. 14m Mage.
Thread Status:
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