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    HeyCHECK THIS COOL ACCOUNT ACCOUNT OUT GOOD STATS STILL MMS AL INFO WILL BE GIVEN LOOKIN FOR A ZERKER REALLY NOT BOTHERD ABOUT CASH BEING ON HIM =) either contact me first on the thread then send me a private inbox or add my email [email protected] s1002.photobucket/upload/albums/XISCARYXI/buying a zerker spending 8milOk First Of All I Know I Wont Get Any Where With 8 Mil But Thats All I Got So Cant Say Much. Dont Call Me A Noob Or Kid Cuz I Am One Dont Spam Ok Lets Get To The Action Ill Only Go First If U Got 20 Vouches Or More Requirements 60 Att No More Or Less Alot Of Str Range I Doont Care Prayer 36 Plus Magic Dont Care Def 45 Only No More Or Less Quests I Dont Care Really It Would Be Nice If U Had Glovesquest And Defender And Etc Lost City Must Be Done I Dont Care About Mm Cuz Not Using D SkimmyMad zerker pure!* Level 83! * Level 90 Mage! * Level 87 Strength! * Amazing dds/whip staker! Won 100m+ from staking! * 81 Woodcutting! good money maker! * The pictures prove his good stats the rest blanked out are 1! only a few skills which are above 1 which are quest skills! * Level 15 prayer only because of quest restless ghost * Active membership! * Total level 666! Looking for legit buyers who will use an MM/OMM. ~ If you are interested post here or message me for email address. ~[RSGP/SWAPS] Tee's account shop! mains,pures,tanks, [SWAPS/RSGP] M U S T S E E !!I will tell ALL information to the accounts. I will NOT go first. I'am new to this site so i do not know much. Most i know is i need rsgp or a good account (IM ALSO SELLING THE "RARE" NAMES "Creed", "Gcl", "3cg", "Lee County", "Desoto" 35-40M wins all of the accounts. Start biddingSelling deadly rune puremoney makerTitle says it all. It has great potential to be a zerker and makes bank using hunter and fishing. :[email protected] pure 86 cmb for 2 memb If u want to exchange pm me for and selling lvl 81 pkerhi im selling this lvl 81 pker: dt is completed. :[email protected][RSGP/SWAPS] swapping/selling a few accounts [SWAPS/RSGP]Im removing recoveries and emails when i get someone who wants some of them. (by removing i will confirm your email and tell you recoveries since it takes 14 days to pend) private message me to buy or if you have a swap offer! (we can meet in game) SORRY, I KNOW I MAY HAVE SOME IN THE WRONG THREAD 30M wins ALL of them or an account with chaotic or firecape wins ALL of them
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