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    [$$]Cheap & Good accounts [$$]Hello all, I'm selling all my accounts because ive been scammed wayyy to many times here. Lost over 400m + 120 euro's. I'm selling all my accounts to make up some from my losts. I will only use moneybookers (It's easy.. just create an account and upload some money on it). All accounts have recover's and email. I will give you all details you need + the email will be changed once the deal has been made. If you want we can use a MM or a OMM (you pay fee's). Picture's can be found below. ACCOUNT #1. This account has 70 prayer + 14 months membership on it. Could be an awesome starter main/berserker or anything els! A/W for 35$!! ACCOUNT #2 Awesome boxing account with 4 months membership left. Make it 99 att and def and you win anything you ever dreamed off! A/W For 45$!! If you are intressed make a nice offer or add me on so we can discuss everything you want to know. [email protected] Again, i'm quitting I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER PAYMENT THEN MONEYBOOKERS! SO NO RSGP/PAYPAL OR WHATEVER!{RSGP PREF}Selling two accounts cheap (pure and main)STATUS: Offline OFFER ON BOTH ACCOUNTS two accounts i dont need anymore... They do not have recoveries on them. Both f2p I have a good amount of vouches and have been scammed too many times lately so im taking rsgp only unless you offer well on paypal. Both account have a value of 500k or less. ACCOUNT 1 (20 def pure) Somewhat famous username in world 172 ^ pure is quested doesnt have gloves though. Accums in bank with a setup pk tab. A good amount of Peng points left too i believe. Offer ACCOUNT 2 (main) Funny/rare account name Main almost has a quest cape. Alot of untradeables, old account. Each account comes with recov info. We can use a OMM if you want to pay fees or you can go first (i have a good amount of vouches on my vouch thread). : asskickrr : [email protected] dont forget to post on thread when you offer EXTRA ACCOUNT #1: a/w 60m EXTRA ACCOUNT #2: Bank and Stat picture on the tank thats its untradeablees tokens basically has rigour questsspending ALOT on the best staker $ or rsgpbuying the best staker i can get reqs no pures must have def and good hp no pray and unless staking is like the wild how it makes summoning + ur cmb i dont want summoning[RSGP][SWAP] Selling/Swapping lvl 99 rs acc for cheap [SWAP][RSGP]Selling Rs Acc Top Stat Str 87 I Do Have An Email But If Someone wants to buy i shall remove it Selling For 20m+ Either PM Me Or Message Me In Game If You Want To Buy Kyle_fisher1 Is Runescape Name SS Below.Selling RuneScape 2001 account! Combat 70!Hey guys! I'm selling my 2001 account, and no. It doesn't have rubber chicken or anything like that..! It's just old as love you! No Sythe, rubber chicken, jester hats or etc.! I don't really know how to put pictures on Sythe so I'm gonna try! .. 2001 ^^ A/W: None, highest wins . Don't worry, it doesn't have to be high offers. . All offers accepted!Starter Zeker Dt 94 magic lunar+AncientsHey guys I just bought this guys account cause he was in a hurry to sell. sythe/showthread.php?t=1178981 I put a whip and a dds on him as well as 500 death runes+blood runes for ice barraging. Pics are all included in the link, be sure to leave offers here and not there as I just bought it from him. best offer so far 11.5mSick Starter Turmoil Rune Pure | 95 Prayer | 87 Strength | 60 Attack |RSGPHey guys ive got my great Quested Starter turmoil rune pure A/w for this account is 50m RSGP the account is 36 defence 100% quested The account has done: Dragon Slayer Nature Spirit Fremenik Trials [*]What lies below[RSGP] Selling maxed f2p 1 def pureSelling this beast for RSGP: All blocked out stats are low/irrelevant to final price: Email will be unregistered upon purchase. Current recovery questions will be given. I am the original owner. No quests done. Bank is empty. Post your offers in this thread. Add [email protected] or PM me on forums for further information. Only serious offers please.
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