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    [paypal] Awsome zerker 97str/94 mage/veng,dt, d gloves [40 vouches]Hey sythe people, sell that awsome account Buyer get all detailed informatsion (for recorvery) 100k till 98 strenght Login: Stats: I didint made bank picture beacouse there isint any good, but still much items. A/W 100 usd - its not price for that awsome account (48 hours A/W 75 usd) S/B 25 usd Always ask pm , and private message whit , gonna tubblechecck it , so fakers go ******** . 1.We Use OMM or trusted MM 2. You go first 3. I go first i u very trusted in my eyes. Pm or post here: 1.Offer: 2.You go first or MM : 3. / :[SWAPS] lvl 80 pure with addy gloves , d claws ~ dt done , mm done - etc . w/42m+ ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hey everyone it's a Beast level 80 pure that I'd like to Swap . DO NOT BOTHER OFFERING IF YOU THINK I'LL GO FIRST I'd prefer YOU to go first OR we do a 50/50 I have no reason to scam, I only play for fun Ask other people who have gone first with me If we use a MM they have to be an OMM and you pay the fees What I'm Looking For ANY Accounts With: turmoil accs . def 1 pures . skillers . A/W: 100M RSgp . : [email protected] ACCOUNT HAS NON MEMB. CREDIT LEFT !Buying A Pure $75 Paypal. ( 1 2)$75 to spend. Will use a OMM if needed, your fees.Lvl 75 ddser (89str 83 range) Rsgp/paypalI will accept rsgp or paypal via electronic package I will not go first or do 50/50. Your options are to go first or find a OMM and We'll split the cost. My is [email protected] My is H4ck4H4ck (i will be asking for PMs) As far as I'm concerned the 600k on him doesn't count. No recovs (I took them off, but I can give you the correct old ones if wanted) No email Registration Has had members via paypal I can give you the transaction #Buying a pure With addy gloves and DT DONE (MM DONE)!! ( 1 2)Hello Sythe members im looking for a pure stats doesn't really matter i only need these 3 reqs that the title says. I'm also looking for a trusted seller cause i can't be love you dealing with scammers anymore i pay 2 ways. RSGP or PayPal that's ur choise anyways if you have this pure that im looking for feel free to add me. I will never go first never will never have thats why we use an OMME i pay fee's but you gotta search for one [email protected] Thanks for reading this, Jake[RSGP][PP] Selling GREAT zerk with 99MINING [PP] [RSGP]i will be selling this awesome zerk with 99 mining and 46 dungoneering. good moneymaking. the 43 def is quested. email: [email protected] current bid: N/ASelling level 60. 87 range, 88 fishing, 74 str, 73 mage. [RSGP]Very good account, combat level 60. Please start the bidding!![RSGP] Selling a level 37 with 97 strength! [With 50m bank!]Hello! I'm selling my new pimped up starter mauler. It's a really low level which is quite impressive, and it has a big bank. It's only stats are strength and hp which doesn't really change anything. It also has 80 zeal in soul wars which can be spent to get 97 strength. Some pics: My is [email protected] so feel free to add me, if you have any questions or want to meet in game feel free to do so. A/W with bank - 150m Without bank - 50m
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