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    Selling level 70 Pure (Fully quested)Selling level 70 pure brid has rc robes and arcane blast necklace and has 70 qp and comes with all the cash and items on it. Comes with mems till june 23 taking paypal/rsgp. Pm on sythe because my is messed up.[PP/RSGP] 60Pray,65Range,65Mage [CB: 65]No email / Recovery questions will be given to you upon purchase! i225.photobucket/albums/d...g?t=1306516570 It's an overall amazing account, however I'm not looking for much. I'm accepting PayPal and RSGP. Offer away!Pure - (CB: 89) *Rapier - Stream* -BEAST-Delete.lvl 94+6 42 def purepost offers on 94+6 main/pure am looking for rs gp offers includes full zamm book void helms (all 3) no chaotic (lost it in pk) always kept quest items/non tradables i also realize that my post count is very low and and have zero vouches. i will not go first due to the numerous threads on victims of scammers... but i also understand that someone trading with me will not be willing to go first so... a trusted or if you're trusting enough, i can swear on my life i will not scam. i am selling this account because of my misfortune ive had with staking recently and wish to start fresh. not looking to scam, just need the gp to start up a new acc. thank you very much -slaiirSelling level 64Hi. im selling a level 64 account pm me taking offers Currently accepting [paypall] Currently has over 300k in items notable skills: pk ready 1 attack 1 strength 65 ranged 64 defence 60 hp 18k+ feathers (27 fishing 15 cooking)[rsgp]maxed Pure|addy Gloves|barrage|firecape|mm|lost City[rsgp]DT|Addy Gloves|MM|Losty City|Elemental I & II done No recoveries or email are registered. Autowin - 120m. You can contact me via @ BobGreen94 Note: I will also provide you with previous passwords, old recovery information, previous member information, and creation dates if you are a legit buyer. Happy bidding.[/quote]zerker pure (pp/rsgp)a/w 15 dollars or 20m rsgp fremmy trials done :[email protected] will go first to trusted player or use a mm no black marks will remove recovs when someone buys i1139.photobucket/albums/...wp/zerker1.png[MoneyBookers]Selling a great account (92 hunter) [No switches]ONLY MONEYBOOKERS or 0.7$/M RSGP! NO SWITCHING AutoWin = 30$, I'll be using a MM for every trade For scammers : I have eyes, Don't try with your imposter emails... PS: Hunter cape because my stats got rolled back..
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