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    87 CB / 78DUNG/ 320k DUNG TOKENS!Closed Turning Into Frost ArmyS> Pure Cb 62, Mage 99, Str 72, Smith 87!!rehrthewthgiving away 2 pure acc'srsn: Defname rsn: n e xda b0ss post posts and i give free accounts. Gl p.s. quiting rs :/[W.U]selling my rune pure 86+6 combat [W.U]hey guys, i've worked long and hard on this account buuut i've been very inactive and i'm often tempted to start playing again. but between having a 2 year old daughter and a full time job it's time to let it go, i'd like to get $50 usd via western union, but i'm also open to taking offers.. i'm going to want to speak over the phone to ensure the trade goes well and smoothly, and to avoid being tricked or manipulated by some kid in a chat box. as you can see its not a stripped down scammer account, its just an account that i lost interest in playing and i'm just looking to get some extra gas money for it honestly. i havent played in about 4 months and that's really it. you can contact me through facebook, my name is payne aderholt. or you can call me at 727 623 7645. im hoping for a honest mature and clean trade. ok so all my screen shots are up, please contact me if interested Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with me and my daughter, her name is Fraya :) Uploaded with[Rsgp] Amazing pure 63 CMB [94 mg/83 rnge/88 str] QuestedHi i am selling my pure it has done all the quests needed for a pure (Amazing pker) known in world 124 by most pures AUTOWIN OR OFFER THAT I AM LOOKING FOR IS AROUND 46M The account can have 94 str and range without leveling. [RSGP ONLY POST HERE OFFER/ ADD my [email protected]]Has no recoverys [never had] Stats: 94 mg 83 rnge 88 str 1 def 65 hp Has 22 sets of ghostly Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with|RSGP| 79 Rune Pure |RSGP| ( 1 2)A/W = 7m A/W = 7m A/W = 7m Selling this Rune Pure because I'm bored of it really. It's decent at pking atm but with few more stats it will be pretty good imo. I'm not looking for much really. IT HAS RECOVERIES. However, they were set in April 2009 for when you needed recoveries for the stronghold of security. It does have 65 Dungeoneering but no items from Dungeoneering, it does have 7k tokens though. It has minimal bank value, hence no wealth pictures.mage purelooking for mage pure done dtAwesome 85 Dungeoneering account - 64 combat pure - 312k tokensHere for sale is my pure. The account has a registered email that can be transferred to your email or I can give you the email details. There are no recoveries. The account has the full 312k tokens from 85 dungeoneering. The account has a whip and 3.25 mill RSGP (not 8.25 mill in picture) The account can be purchased securely from here: playerup/offer/...-str-55153350/ Feel free to leave your or PM me here
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