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    RSGP|Maxed Zerk|Turmoil|Veng|Fcape|Korasis|Quests Done|Swaps ( 1 2)So im selling this account,cause im really bored of main pking and im selling it for RSGP,to either buy a nice pure or SWAP this account for a decent pure with decent cash pile,Account is fully quested,it has all the quests done that a zerker should have. I DO NOT add your unless you post an offer first. I DO NOT go first to anyone but TRUSTED people,we will use an OMM/VMM/(AT YOUR COSTS) OR YOU GO FIRST OR 50/50. A/W: 200m S/B: 80m Anything else will be reported as SPAM. SORRY ABOUT THE BAD STAT PICTURE, ATTACK IS 80 AND HP IS 91. HAPPY BIDDING!94 Mage 84 str/range 1 defKeeping the post short and sweet, my main got hacked for his bank so i transfered my 5m off my 1 def pure to him. i have no desire to play my pure anymore cause i need to make money on my main, plus id rather have the RSGP in place of my pure... He has all pure quests done except he only has black gloves. he has all the reqs for addy except for the agility and two quests i beleive. clean acc, no bank, good start just needs some money Pm me or post here if interested, i will get more pictures upon demand but dont want to waste my time incase noone even wants. Looking for RSGP only, make me an offer He also has a 3 letter name If you have vouches I WILL GO FIRST, no vouches i dont go first[Rsgp/PayPal] Buying Pure From Trusted Member[Rsgp/PayPal]Looking for either a 1 def, init or zerker pure from a HIGHLY TRUSTED member. Looking to pay up to $60 or 80mWtb pure (pp)Hi im looking for a pure wiht 82+mage 80+range 85+str and 1def along with 60att. Must have mith gloves. dt must be done also. omm/mm will be used and i wont pay fees im looking for 15$ for an account that is more than those lvls and 13$ for an account like that.[PP] Lvl 98 Zerker Pure [PP]Selling my Lvl 98 Zerker Pure with 99 str. I am willing to sell this but I will not sell it if it is not the right price. I AM NOT IN A HURRY TO SELL THIS ACCOUNT! A/W:Offer NOTE: -Never been botted -I have all info from date created, to email, to recoves, to first pass -Fully quested! Pics: Forgot to add the Fire Cape to the notes on the side of the pic Pics of quests will be added shortly.[SWAP] Lvl 138 Maxed Combat | 2239 Total | 14x 99's | 1 Chaotic/Fire Cape/Full Void!sythe/showthread.php?t=1083180 Ignore what a majority of the thread says above, i'm also willing to swap for a lvl 65+ pure with 90+ strength/range/mage and cash on the account. PM me or read the thread above for contact details. Tytrading level 131 for good 1 def pure99 attack, 99 strength, 99 defence, 98 hitpoints, 83 ranged, 71 prayer, 99 mage, 71 cooking, 83 woodcutting, 84 fletching, 99 fishing, 92 firemaking, 70 crafting, 80 mining, 80 smithing, 65 herblore, 65 agility, 94 thieving, 83 slayer, 65 farming, 61 runecrafting, 56 hunter, 66 construction, 70 summoning, 64 dungeoneering, 150k cash, skillcapes for the 99's and fire cape on account. name of the account is dr jaybaybay feel free to look up the stats yourself. I want a good 1 def pure that i can pk with. if your interested in the above account that i am willing to trade, drop me off an e-mail at [email protected] with your account's stats. Again, I want a good 1 def pure for this account. I am willing to trade first because there are recovery questions set on the account. Again, if interested in trading, e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions and your account information Again, contact me by e-mail or even on this thread. I will supply any pictures or information needed to prove the account I have offered is mine. Thank you =]--99 Range, Level 73. Comes with over 5m (RSGP ONLY)--Selling my pure because im bored of pking and want to get 99 pray on my main. Has completed Desert Treasure and Monkey Madness. I will not go first. Sorry guys im tired of getting scammed. email is in my sig. s1143.photobucket/albums/ Lets get a starting price!
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