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    selling amazing ranged zerker for good wow accim trading my ranged zerker for a good wow acc the account has to be a eu acc preferbly. my ranged zerker is 83 cb with 45 def 92 range 94 mage lunar done dt done hand cannon done ownz in pvp with veng and hand cannon w/o void ive maxed 420 with hc with void 510. so please pm me if intrested[15+Vouch][CHEAP] Selling some starter pures/accounts! Frequently updated![RSGP/PP]Hello; I am selling some basic starter tanks/rangers/mains etc up for sale! Will add more soon! Please Click the pictures to see them in full size on Imageshack. Account One: Starter Tank Ranger, 83 Ranged, 81 combat. Decent starter tank ranger. S/B = 5m/$5 A/W = 20m/$20 Current Winning Bid - N/A Account Two: Random Starter account; 89cb. Decent starter account. S/B = 5m/$5 A/W = 30m/$25 Current Winning Bid - N/A Account Three: Starter Tank ranger 52 prayer, 65 ranged, 40 defence. S/B = 5m/$5 A/W = 20m/$20 Current Winning Bid - N/A If you need to know anything else about the accounts or want me to verify them in game, just let me know. I am the original owner of ALL accounts and all details will come with the accounts. Happy to do Recovery Test. Otherwise, feel free to offer. Now also selling a few rare names, these are on e-mail logins; level 3s. Disturbed H I M F E M A L E J5 Offer for any.Selling GREAT range tankThis tank destroys in f2p, no one can touch him. He is also very good in p2p. The account will come with the d pick plus 10m cash thats 22m I want paypal only. 75cb I am looking for paypal only,[CHEAP]Selling Cmb 73 Pure :DLogin: Stats: Both Accounts come with no Email Registered, No Recoverys Set and have no black marks Offer Away People :3Level 85 TANK STAKER !!!! ( 1 2)Hey guys, I'm selling this account also, It's my ranger, 92 RANGE! 81 DEFENCE! 1 PRAYER! ALMOST 85 HITPOINTS! IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I GO FIRST UNLESS YOU WANT TO HIRE A OMM , I WILL NOT BE RISKING MY PRAYER LEVEL. DONT TRY AND SCAM ME BUDDY, IT WON'T WORK! stats! BANK!!!!! LOGGINN!!!! I am easily looking for 50m+ [email protected] PERFECT d clawer (60/99/1)AW is 75M I am selling this great pure. Here is a pic of stats, recovs, quests, bank, and cash. RECOVERIES AND EMAIL HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF. Here is updated pic MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT AND THE BANK HAS BEEN FOR THE MOST PART CLEANED because I am asking for RSGP, but if you can only offer paypal, I will see what I can do. There are still some starter supplies on the account, so you wont be starting from scratch. Offer here please. Leading bid -50m by sabby Second bid - 50m by Savage Beast Third bid - 50$ by $cammer4life Please read this - I do NOT take swaps. I will NEVER go first. We can use OMM if you want, and we can talk about the fees. I will NEVER let you on the account just to see if it is mine. I will NEVER deny the use of an OMM if you are willing to pay 100% of the fees. I will NOT trade with you if you are unwilling to send me confirmation pms that I will ask you to send.Selling 1 pray boxer level 74! rsgpI had this staker from years ago so i thought id sell it as i stake on my main. im only really looking for rsgp but paypal will be taken into consideration thanks.selling 20 def pure for 15m it has 94 mage (barrage, d scimmy dds)hay im selling my pure for 15m resaon is so i can get 95 pray on my main it has done momkey madness anchaints lost city good pking account ownes 1 defence pure's with barrage claw spec's i no the recoveries are set i dont no how to take them on some tell me plz i am not out to rip any1 of 94 mage 68 str 60 atk 20 def 44 prayer
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