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    [24+Vouches][15+AccsSold]Turmoil - 95pray - 96str - 99mage - 99wc-KorasiReqs[RSGP/PP] ( 1 2)Nvm...Selling Staker MUST SEEI'm selling a great staking account! This account is a pro armor staker that already comes with Vesta Long Sword and Full Statius. This account is extremely versatile as it also has 99 mage (no combats are gained) which can make a great mage boxer as well! I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE CREATION EMAIL AS WELL A TXT FILE WITH ALL DETAILS (TRANSACTION ID'S, CREATION DATE, PREV PASSWORDS, ETC.) COMBAT LVL 90 THIS ACCOUNT IS GREAT FOR ARMOR STAKING AND CAN EASILY MAKE OVER 100M A DAY Login: Statius/VLS: Stats: Terms:I WILL GO FIRST IF I CONSIDER YOU TRUSTWORTHY! IF NOT WE WILL USE AN OMM! I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS! PAYMENT METHODS RSGP AND PAYPAL (CLAIM AND CANCEL) STARTING BID: 40M/$20 AUTOWIN:????Range Tank 99 range ( 1 2)Selling my range tank i used at aviansies has 53 million range exp 99 mage 99 range 99hp 99 mining [email protected] No swaps Looking for rsgp or W.U usd or if your trusted paypal or paypal + rsgp etc has about 15 mill of items in bank mostly mithril bolts it can veng not done any RFD not done hand cannon Uploaded with ImageShack.us9 hp pure, 2 letter name, 1450+ total, check for more!sythe/showthread.php?p=9420709#post9420709.::Selling STAKER 80/65/84 - 95Theive::.[RSGP/PP]Hey everyone, I am here selling my staker accepting bot RSGP/PP. I will not go 1st unless I see you as trusted, and all info will be provided. Anyways here's some pics: Anyways bid away![RSGP]Buying Pure fully Quested [RSGP]Trusted members only! Looking for a pure that is fully quested With medium - high stats MUST BE 1 DEF. Quested: MM DT Animal Magnetism. Mith/Addy Gloves Horror from the deep. Trusted members only! Looking for a pure that is decent in all combat skills (mage,range,melee) must not be above 60 attack or 52 pray. I will be paying RSGP, and I will gladly go first if I feel your trusted, I will gladly use an OMM. Upon purchasing I want all information that can easily pass a recovery test. Price range:20-55m. Would appreciate pics of account. Thanks Can a moderator please move this thread to the 60-99 section. Thanks[PP] Lvl 80+4 - |99str|99range|99mage|52pray|QUESTED| ( 1 2)Yes the account is maxed with 2DEF and its pking combat is 80 and outside the wilderness its 84. My one and only vouch from a well trusted person - sythe/showthread.php?p=9230970#post9230970 Fully Quested - DT, MM, RFD up to addy gloves... etc... AFTER i find a serious buyer i will remove the email, and the recoveries i changed them recently cuz i didnt know the old ones. No matter ALL the info i know will be provided and will be more then enough to recover. - IF you buy the account BEFORE my new recoveries set, you can SIMPLY cancel them and set your own, like i said i dont remember the old ones its been a long time. The account has about 1-3m wealth ALONG WITH A FIRECAPE EDIT = ACCOUNT HAS 11M CASH PLUS 5M+ IN ITEMS NOW OFFER AND LEAVE YOUR BELOW, if you offer without leaving an it will be ignored. PAYPAL PAYPAL PAYPAL MY = [email protected] combat -80 att 99 str 20 def 99 magic 95 prayer [RSGP]Hello, selling this account since I'm not using it anymore. Got all informations and will provide the buyer with them. either we use OMM or you go first as long as you're not more trusted than me. This account has 6 quests left till Turmoil, it'll be pretty easy but you'll get 30 defence A/W Will be 200m My : [email protected] Fill in this apply: : Going first/OMM?: Offer:
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