Trading other game accounts for small amounts of RK2 Creds.

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Looking to earn a few creds on rk2 and concentrate on just one game. If any of these strike your fancy Ill take rk2 credits for trade on any of them. Amounts listed are just ideas, send me an offer and I will probaly take it.. [​IMG] RUNES OF MAGIC ACCOUNT (Plenty of gold, mounts, diamonds to spend on items left. 16priest/18mage 6rouge/10scout 10scout/11warrior *21 priest/ 21 knight*. (ONLY 100 MILLION RK2 CREDITS WHICH IS LIKE $8.00) WOW LV62 TROLL MAGE. PvP server Wildhammer Server Transfer/Name/Gender All ready. Basic WoW game, no expansion. 300-400 gold on account. (ONLY 100 MILLION RKS CREDITS WHICH IS LIKE $8.00) WARHAMMER ONLINE ACCOUNT. Does have a lvl 17 on it. Not much info about the toon. (ONLY 50 - 100 MILLION RK2 CREDITS WHICH IS LIKE $4.00 - $8.00) CITY OF HEROES/VILLIANS ACCOUNT. GREAT IO'D TOON This is a lvl 35 Scrapper complete IO'd Out, awesome damage. Still active until 04/14/09. Few other great named low alts. Victory Server. (ONLY 100 MILLION RK2 CREDITS WHICH IS LIKE $8.00) LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE. LVL 20+ DWARF CHAMPION Few gold on this acct, the toon is equipped well. Does not have Moria expansion active. Forgot server. (ONLY 100 MILLION RK2 CREDITS WHICH IS LIKE $8.00) I HAVE THREE OTHER CITY OF HEROES/VILLIANS ACCOUNTS WITH LVL 30S ON THEM. AND ALSO ONE PLAYNC ACCT WITH A 40 SCRAPPER ON IT AND ALSO HAS GUILD WARS AND LINEAGE. (EACH OF THESE ONLY 50-100 MILLION RK2 CREDITS) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ACCOUNTS WITH SPELLFORCE PLATINUM AND SPELLFORCE 2 GOLD, OBLIVION, KINGS OF BOUNTY LEGEND, SACRED GOLD..AND MORE (50-100 MILLION RK 2 CREDITS). MAKE OFFERS...I JUST WANT TO CONSOLIDATE ALL TO AO.. spamsite/forums/ AIM aovisionary cohyuen At work for next few hours...PM me if interested or email [email protected] or post here for now.
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