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    80 dung 40 att 74 str account with rapierUploaded with Uploaded with not swapping only want rsgp or paypal a/w is 20mSelling PUREIts a Good Account Somewhat rare name. Heres some facts about it. ORIGINAL LOG-IN(no email) 45str 30atk 1everything else Not sure about hp, maybe 33hp? has 100k(lol) 85 Woodcutting Bids = N/aswap/rsgp. 99 magic pure. ( 1 2)Selling this pure, 1 defence, few att/str levels that make no cmb difference and 99 magic. has no quests done really and 2.3m cash. Has email attatched which i can proove i have access too. email will be switched to yours. Not going first to anyone under 10 vouches. Will happily use a MM from this site. picture: Offer away!Selling Level 3 Skiller With 99 ConstructionHi. I am selling my level 3 skiller with 99 construction and some other stats. I will only be taking RSGP. It cost me 110m for 99 and although I probably won't get an offer for that much, I was offered by gold4rs (gold4fun), $40, which would be about 80m RSGP. You will get current recovs, current and old passwords, creation date and location of creation. I will show in game if needed. Please post on this thread or message me on here. Thanks.[selling] Level 3 99 Agilitybest offer wins. starting at 10mil RSGP ONLY!buying obby mauler with 1 99 statbuying a obby mauler with 1 99 stat,str level 65+ willing to pay up to 20m and if you are trusted i will go first[PP] Sell lv 3 Skiller 2 99's [PP]A/W is $15 or 25m. Not looking for too much, not going first. You first or at your expense. Post offers. No offers under $10 because i know its more than that.[SELLING] Starter skiller/summ tank - 99 thieve, 93 fish, 824 total [SELLING] ( 1 2)Title. Selling due to not playing RS anymore.. Combat level is 22 f2p and 27 p2p (i think) Account is ranked very high in thieving. Will PM the rank to people genuinely interested. Email will be given (was made solely for the account, has no other use) Recoveries will also be given, yes they are my own recoveries, but I no longer need them. Pictures are below. Account has no black marks, will post a picture if requested. Has a 3 char name, one number two letters - no spaces (Not rare, just like it personally). 25M A/W TONIGHT ONLY! Only taking RSGP to sell on! Ranked lower than 180 in thieving!
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