Trading many diff game accounts for AO gear/creds/accs

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Star Wars Galaxies - Account on Farstar 90 Elder Jedi with a huge selection Pre CU (the patch changing from when swg was good) sabre crystals (now glitched and worth millions), geared with masters cloak, has heart of grevis etc. Alts include a level 90 bounty hunter with 2 Barc Speeders, a jetpack a set of MADO armour and full BH armour!! final alt is my an officer, level 80, didnt have time to get to 90 before i quit - geared fairly well. FFXI - only one FFXI toon, level 75 bard/summoner combo on the Pheonix server, has great gear and many millions of gil, i never really got into this game, the account was given to me by a friend. WoW - on Europe PvP has server transfer - 70 lock fully geared in 70 blues, no epics equipped, had full t3 but seems somewhat outdated.. very well known respected toon, first on server with epic flying mount, has around 2000 gold on him. toons also include a 60 rogue. Hero Online - level 71 Female Rod assassin, with +4 Vio Spear all in min/max skill damage % attack rate - full 5 dragon +4 def and has a pvp set too, has around 100m cash left. adding more soon!
Thread Status:
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