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    Selling lvl 99 accountthis account has 99 mage. 73 def , 81 hp,87 stre,76 attk,52 prayer,75 range,10 summ, has ancients and lunars for more details pm or post. I'll take either rsgp, membership for my new account or accounts >.< also has mem till october 10[rsgp/paypal] Lvl 80 Chaotic Pure [99dung]HELLO, LEADING OFFER 45M RSGP OR $40 PAYPAL I AM THE ORIGNAL OWNER I WILL TAKE RSGP OR PAYPAL USD CAN ME IBANG_GIRLS OR PM POST THREAD LOGIN STATS OTHER. DUNG TOKENS Talk to me on or post thread ask questions or you can also add me in game cold s . also im giving the email and password to the account so you can change the recoverys and pass and email. =) Good Offers Plz! ily PHP Code:
    [Paypal] MAXED LOW LEVEL TURMOIL PURE, F CAPE, SLAYER HELM,R GLOVES, 115M AND MORE!! ( 1 2 3)UPDATE:NOW ACCEPTING CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS RESURECTION MAP PACK FOR PS3 NOW ACCEPTING RSGP AND PLAYSTATION NETWORK POINTS WILL SELL WITH OR WITHOUT GOLD. Hey guys Im selling my lvl 95 low lvl addy turm pure with a fire cape and slay helm. It has over 1500 total lvl. It has rune gloves 115m, and completed zammy book which is around 20m and many more items in bank. No bans or offences. Temple at senntisten is done and has own gilded altar at POH. This account dominates all its levels because its such a low lvl with turmoil. Account is not a member and doesnt have recoveries or email. Looking for paypal only no swaps please. Will also sell gold seperately. My is [email protected] I wont go first, buyer goes first or OMM buyer pays fees. If you have any questions just ask and post your offers hereBuying a 1 defence pure 55 - 90 combat.Either rsgp cash or account swap. add me on [email protected](PP) Buying: Staker *Mage w/ arcane Preferred* taking all suggestions!Must have 1 pray 1 summ Unless it's designed to work different. Prayer I wont take though[Selling 90dung Pure +Mith Gloves]A/W: 25mil :[email protected] Account has three letter name[RSGP] Main Account! And Staker! [RSGP]A/w for Main Account = 80M A/w for Staker Account = 35M Buy 'Em Nao!! N O TRADES! If You PM Me, I'll respond quicker Staker! s1097.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow Main! s1097.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow SALE! BUY BOTH FOR ONLY [email protected]#[email protected]%#[email protected]% Pm Me to Negotiate Prices, NO TRADES!||RSGP||WU||Trusted||BEAST 1 DEF PURE 63CB||88Str||99Range||Chaotic Cbow||1Def/Pray||Welcome To Jobco's Acc Shop At the following time i will only be accepting RSGP/WU. Acc #2 - 63 Amazing Pker. Chaotic Crossbow/99Range/88Str & 1.8k Zeal [/size] Notes:- -Has 1.8k Zeal, Enough for 99 Mage/Str. -Has Chaotic Crossbow -Amazing Pker 80m A/W If You Are Interested In Any Of The Accounts Above Please:- - Add Me On = [email protected] - Pm Me Here on Sythe - Post you offer here
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