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    {rsgp} !!pure!! 99 Str 99 Mage 99 Range: [email protected] Original owner! All account details included! No swaps Post before adding me on . I WILL use a OMM or MM if wanted/needed. All details will be provided with the account. Offers in RSGP ONLY. Starting Bid: 5m Current Bid: / mill Auto Win: 65M(not ness.) Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ONLY RSGP PLEASE[rsgp] Selling 99 Range Tank 80 Dung! [rsgp]Hello I have quit my range tank to make my new pure so I am selling it for RSGP ONLY my - [email protected] add me and offer away no AW set yet!! unless you buy my pure with it for 70m AW ask for details/pics Pictures: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usInitiate pure 99 str 99 wc-RUNE GLOVES-dt done-mm- its fully quested!!Hello, im selling almost maxed pure str. I'll go first when you are MODERATOR/ADMIN or when you have 80+ feedback, we can use a MM or a VMM. i have my own rules, when you dont accept the rules then no deal! I give all information, like 1-3 passwords, i will change the email to buyers email. Price = Offer I accept RSGP and $ (PAYPAL) - Leave your offer with contact . Note: The stats pic and weath pic are diferent cause the stat pic is new and weath pic is old Pictures: Stats: Log in: Zeals: Black marks: CONTACT ME: [email protected] or pm me IM TAKING RSGP AND PAYPAL.Str Pure! A/w 55m!!! 70att+smite+85 MAGEclosed98 Combat 93 DUNG Maul, Rapier and C StaffSelling my level 98 45 Defence account, has Maul Rapier and Chaotic Staff + 2 Arcane Streams. (See Pics) Done Desert Treasure, Monkey madness and recipe for disaster(up to addy gloves). 40 Defence 80 Attack 88 Strength, 83 mage, 75 Range. Will accept Rsgp or Paypal Message me or reply if you're interested. Thanks [RSGP] 2 Nearly maxed pures! [RSGP]Hello I'm selling these 2 pures for RSGP! Account 1 103 cb nearly maxed range tank! Stats Login Recoveries and email is set but all info will be provided upon purchase! Account 2 97 cb Stats! Login! All info will be provided upon purchase! No A/W set! Post your offers here and your 's! My : [email protected] CB Level 98, C Maul, Rapier and Staff.Has Chaotic Maul, Rapier and Staff, 2 Arcance Stream necklaces, Done monkey madness, Recipe for disaster (up to addy gloves) and Desert treasure. 80 Attack, 88 Strength, 40 Defence, 75 range, 80 Magic. Message me if you're interested Happy to accept RSGPMight sell my account (Price?)What would you pay for an account with these stats??? Attack: 50 Strength: 50 Defence: 50 Range: 50 Prayer: 43 Mage: 50
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