Selling  North America  High End TRADING LEVEL 28 USA GIRL ACCOUNT

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    I am trading an account called Xslide
    Yes it has scam accounts, but I am scam free. You can easily take them off by contacting MSP.
    Its vip till Oct. 7th, I can add rares like Easter set and winter braids. With a pixal (My rare account is called / / i z z y
    That is also scam free and I may sell it along side Xslide

    Xslide- Level 28, over 300 pages of clothing, Some rare weeks and rares, Has some drips. Has over 16 pets. Vip till Oct (Like I said) Has over 1,600 animations (Check the rewards. Proof in there) Some are even rare. Has tons of backgrounds. Almostg level 29. I'm just too lazy to do it.

    I am looking for either Itunes or a good roblox's account. The itunes must be 30+, I spent a lot of money on this and honestly, I am not asking for it all back, I'm just asking a semi decent price.

    I also take a 15 dollar itunes and a good roblox account for both Xslide and / / i z z y

    If you have any questions or are willing to buy, contact me on instagram- MissakiHearts
    If you don't have an instagram then contact me on Gmail - [email protected]
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    Guide - How To Report A Dispute

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    If someone you believe has scammed you, please open a Dispute Form Here. Filing a report takes 2 minutes and will then provide us the necessary information to take action against the individual and assist you at resolving the dispute. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter and sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.


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