Trading Level 123 Lighting Mage

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    Hey I am Trading a Level 123 Lighting Mage. And this is the following information. It's kind a bit over Luk but it is still find. It also come with 30k Nx cash to use. But the Nx cash will be in it on Tuesday ( I use PayByCash) that why Laugh out loud. And here the basic info. And we will use a MM of my choice which is only SoadSkater. So I wouldn't be using anyone esle.

    World- Scania

    Job- Lighting Mage


    Full Info-Yes(Including email)

    Mesos- Not to much

    Level- 123

    Nx cash- Yes (Have30k Nx cash to use as well).


    Aim- MrPiiMstaxX

    Got a SS. xD

    114 chief bandit not full info but no one can change pw because the email's pw got changed by the first owner, which quit. its been safe with me for over a few months. msn me . i will add 25 mil for the non full info. and also we can a cursayer MM.

    The email pass was resetted by the owner. I changed everything other that the pass so that nothing can be changed after. So I know the Secret question, DOB, and last name.

    88 sader bera full info

    Only full info ( include email and it's password). And like I said I only accepts Scania accounts. I don't even know why you even bother leaving a post about a bera accounts when i first said only scania.

    108 full info ranger?

    steam acc with css and garrys mod 10

    [email protected] = msn

    96 full info cb with zhelm scania...u can strip him

    Add me on aim or msn..we talk about it. =]

    Dont trade with Mr.PoPuL4r he scams that character's name is OrangeMage and he wouldnt trade him hes trying to get money for him.

    PS he isnt poor he scamed me out of 76Mill
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