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    We would like to invite you to join our
    EVE Online Player-to-Player Marketplace

    Odealo has active markets on the following game server:


    The most popular product types on Odealo are:


    ★ PLEX

    For all reputable users we offer:

    Higher deposit/transaction limits
    Lower requirements for becoming a Super Seller
    We will accept and discuss any site feedback or suggestions with you directly

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    What is Odealo?

    Odealo is an innovative new Player-to-Player Marketplace which was launched in 2017. It provides a safe environment for buyers and sellers of goods and services in online games to meet and trade. With user-friendly offer management and transaction processing tools, and seamless implementation of advanced security measures, Odealo takes player-to-player trading to a whole new level. Online trading for gamers has never been so simple, secure and enjoyable

    How does it work?
    Odealo provides trading tools and a meeting place for users all over the world to buy and sell their goods and services related to online games. Odealo does not participate in the delivery of the goods, nor is the site directly involved with transactions between users. Odealo serves as the intermediary which manages the financial aspects, and maintains the security, of all trades. Odealo provides each user with an individual, personalized wallet which is used to store Credits, which are the medium of exchange on Odealo. Users obtain Credits through deposits and the sale of goods. Credits have a 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD). Users can withdraw their Credits through several payment gateways including Paypal and Skrill

    Why Buy on Odealo?
    Odealo transaction system is based on the Escrow system. It means that sellers do not receive the funds untill you(buyer) confirms their delivery. With our authorization system, feedback and transaction ratings, account levels and public profiles you are also fully aware who you are dealing with. We also provide:

    Guaranteed delivery or your money back
    No hidden fees. Price is set at $5.00 for a product? You pay exactly $5.00 - no extra fees for using Paypal or other payment gateways
    Wide variety of currency and item offers from reputable sellers
    The best communication system out of all P2P marketplaces - feel free to message any seller at any time. Negotiate discounts, bonuses or simply check their availability
    The lowest per transaction fee - making Odealo the right place to cross-game or cross-realm trading.
    Free account registration

    Why Sell on Odealo?
    We have been continuously improving the websiste features and increasing its' traffic since the launch of our project in March 2017. Currently we can say proudly that can provide:

    Steadily increasing traffic and userbase. Hundreds of unique daily users who can become your potential customers

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    High volume of new usersfrom first pages of google search for all major EVE Online keywords. This include phrases like "buy eve isk" "buy skill injectors" and many more - feel free to check by yourself.
    Very low fees - we are also the only company that does not charge extra fees from buyers - making them pay exactly what you ask for your products
    The lowest per transaction fee and just one cumulative withdrawal fee, which is charged only after you reqeust the cashout
    Free account registration and offer posting
    Intiuitive and easily accessible offer promotion system
    ★ The best communication system out of all P2P marketplaces - feel free to message your customers with discount offers or other special deals

    If you would like to join, simply visit the website. For more information you can also contact us directly through email or

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