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    [CHEAP!] ZERKER 93 mage 89 range, w/Firecape+torso123456[Swap][Paypal]Selling a Bunch of PuresSick name #3 Asking 5$ paypal #4 lvl 35 mage pure Contact at [email protected][RSGP] Combat 79 Pure WITH firecape: 90 Strength, 82 mage, 75 attack,1 defDT, RFD(mith), MM DONE A/W: 40M RSGP Not accepting paypal. May accept swap if it's appropriate. Will use official MM or I'll go first if you're very trusted. May be willing to do 50/50. Post offers here. EDIT: Will delete recoveries after I find a buyer, will proceed to send screenshots of this if needed.[paypal] 40 def turmoil pure/110m+ bankAccepting PAYPAL as GIFT only. we will figure something out if we are going to be using an MM. im the maker of it, im the only person ever to log on it only1 to know details, which will be provided. ALSO i dont need no bullshit offers/swaps. s/b 100usd, no a/w char has nother ~5m in items at bank[Paypal][RSgold][Swaps]Level 65 void tankI am currently selling a lvl 65 who has done DT and has full void! 26M is included I will not take any of it away. Screen shots says it all. screenies: screenies arent working here are the links i/skillsq.png/ showthread.php?t=953044 I will not be going first at any time and i do not want swaps or pins. If your interested conact me at [email protected] Contact me at [email protected][Donor] Selling Almost Maxed Turmoil Zerk! 99 RC, F Cape, Void and MORE![RSGP/PayPal]Hey guys. I'm here selling one of my most valued accounts. This account has made me a load pking that I have now been able to make my own turmoil pure. It has come a time that I can't continue my work on this account anymore because of personal issues. I'm looking to sell it now to someone who will have more use of it than myself. Now let's get to business. Stats: Login: Recovs will be removed. E-mail is still in the process of being change. Had to wait 14 days for it to be changed to my own email. I believe there are only 3-4 days remaining until my email is set on the account. We can gladly change it to yours before this time is up, however, you should be warned that you will have to wait 14 days until your email takes the place due to Jagex's retarded rules. Wealth: Special Items: Bank Pic: Major Quests (RFD + Korasi Sword): Turmoil: Other info: - Black-marks are clean, just can't get a pic of them at the moment. If you really need me to post a pic of the black-marks I'd be glad to post them just say so in your post. - Every single piece of detail will be given to the account including current and old bank PINS. -I'm not responsible for what happens after the account is not in my possession. (Banned, Rolled-back, etc.) -I prefer RSGP over PayPal. Only taking PayPal from extremely trusted members with 75+ vouches. -You will go first unless you are a Mod/Admin. Otherwise, we will use an OMM of my choice and you will pay the fees. I will update the highest offer from time to time. For now feel free to place your offers here! Thanks!- Trinityy. Leading bid $50.RICH level 59 F2P Strength Pure! [PAYPAL ONLY] >>>Bid: A/W: $25 or: i'll take $20 with no money on the account. MY : [email protected] POST HERE FIRST WITH YOUR !
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