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    [WTS] Combat lvl 29/40 magic pure, rsgp/items only!Note: If you don't seem trustworthy I will not go first! If you need any more information about the account, contact me. Stats Interested? Contact me: - [email protected] - salvatore.scuderi95 Or post hereCombat Level 59 W/ 93 Magic MUST SEE!!Before Continuing Reading if you do not intend to use an official MM Which I will pay for, Or you are not highly trusted Do not Read Further. This account has Been Mine for almost over 1 Year, I just got back from Afghanistan and Remember I had it and Would like to get rid of it. So why Not put it up for sale? Well I am. I will accept Pay Pal or Runescape GP. The reason I will accept Runescape GP is so when im sitting in my Barracks room bored off my love you Ill have a new account already with GP on it So I can start Fresh ... heres the rules of the Trade: I Am not trusted Therefore. I will Go first to most People After I look at your Vouches So on so Fourth. If you wish We will use an Official MM Which will be payed for by Me. If needed we can use your Own MM If he is highly Trusted. The account Comes with a Safety Packet that I Divised For the Customer. Just like the Gaming Websites do for there customers... So if you do ever lose the account or anything It Can be recovered.... All these things Including the Username and Password will be giving to the MM or you if I go first..... The Safety Packet is divised of The Ol dRecovery Questions Current Recovery Questions Old Passwords... Adress, Phone... Etc Etc... All you need to send to Jagex to recover the Account. Picture's Of the Account for Sale: If you have any Further Questions Please feel free to post them here or Private message me.. other then That Let the Bidding begin..{PayPal,RSGP} Selling D-Bow RusherWhat you see is what you get ladies and gentlemen. No blackmarks E-mail and Password provided plus account information No Recovs set Catchy Username Account information (date of creation, membership date, etc.) I am the original owner Fancy clothes to kill in style I am willing to use an OMM, but cannot pay fees, sorry. Any other questions, feel free to ask, thanks for looking. A/W: $15 PayPal or 30M RSGP ($0.50 P/M)Buying Skiller|RSGPSkiller worth at least 100m (statwise) Pm me or post. Then we talk on . If I'm not online I'm probably at college so be patient, and I'll get back to you. Kthxbai.Selling Multiple Account's Cheap, Worth Looking!Okay this is how it is, i maybe new to but im certainly not stupid i know every trick in the book, i am selling my two accounts today because i have way to many runescape accounts and because of that i cant consentrate on my main account, if your interested in any of my accounts my contact information is in the signature! ACC #1 Not a email log-in account! ACC #2 Not a email log-in account! Feel free to bid on these accounts, i am looking for runescape coins!-Selling- F2p Ownage Pure. ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Selling this ownage pure 89 str 87 ranged 85 mage ready to own Pics: :// :// If need another pic just reply, im the original owner, it have no recov plus my email registered, looking mainly for RSGP because im going to max my main. NOT GOING FIRST, MM IF NEEDED YOU PAY FEES OR YOU GO FIRST. thanks.-Selling- Amazin 97 Woodcutting acc. ( 1 2)Titles says all, also can be starter tanker. but mainly the 97 wc is the special, listening offers. pics: :// :// Just have to say, anyway im not going first. i dont care just dont try, post offers and thanks[RSGP]selling/swapping low level prayer/skillerrsgp please, offer away! if your having problems with the image heres a imageshack link ://
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