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    cb lvl 10 ..99 wc for sale!selling a combat level 10 with 99 woodcutting. post offers[PP/RSGP]A skiller and two obby maulers![PP/RSGP]Hello everyone! I wanna get rid of my runescape accounts, so therefor i'm starting an account shop with all of my accounts . And yes, i have edited the pictures to make them look better! We will ofcourse use a , unless u wanna go first! You may also ask me for other accounts, as i have a few more.. ALL accounts comes with original login-names, NOT e-mail :). Account # 1: Starter skiller: A/W: Current bid: Stats and wealth: Login: Blackmarks: Account # 2: Obbymauler-twins(i only post one, as they are the same): A/W: Current bid: Stats and wealth: Login: Blackmarks: Add my or write in the thread, the prices are negotiable and we can meet ingame if u wish to verify there! [email protected] Happy bidding everybody!Buying Obsidian Mauler or CVLS pureTitle Explain its all^Buying range/str pure [RSGP]Must have 1 def i will go first if trusted pm me with pics or reply here with pics````` Selling A 3 Letter Name Rs Acc ``````hi i am selling this account beacuse i dont use it any more you cant make a 3 letter name account anymore and there arnt many around100% legit scam proof Maxed MAIN AMAZING STAKER:///offer/...heap-53614802/selling mage/safer w/ White Phat ( 1 2)FONT="Arial Black"]Selling my very old safer/mage pure. I do not deal with scammers so please go away. I am looking to sell this for Paypal Cash.[/font] I WILL NOT GO FIRST I've had this partyhat for awhile and it's time to let go of it, selling it along with my mage pure cuz I dont need that either. I may sell my main in the future but for now I'll stick with that. Anyways, take a look and shoot me an offer. Selling/Swap G2h PureHey i am bored of this account now and i am looking for RSGP or a SWAP ONLY! i wont be going first so don't complain, UNLESS you are a trusted buyer . I have all the info on this account so no need to worry about that. I know you may think the def is a fail but i had at first had a blk pure and got 1 def level but the account pks perfectly and sometimes the def saves ur butt :p I will take off and also give the old recovers with the acc when i get a buyer. If you are in need of anymore info i can provide it as i own this account and always have. Happy Bidding! Thanks Cane. Pics: Login: Stats: Offences: I want serrious offers on it only.. Others will be reported as spam If you are in need of any more info i can gladly show it too you. Thanks and happy bidding! Cane
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