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    Selling Starter Tank With chicken suit, can get a vet cape[rsgp]Auto win is 10m interested? [email protected] Starter summon tank Vet cape, 99 wc, skeleton, hatsThis is my tank i'm selling with a cool name, and not bad stats. Incl: Combat 38 + Vet cape + Skeleton + Golden hammer + Pumpkin + 2005 hats and more! No a/w Bids are open. Has Fake email + Recoveries, no idea how to delete it. Will go first is it's a trusted member. Otherwise U could choose for an omm, not paying the fees tho.[RSGP][Paypal] Started Gravite/Chaotic Pure [RSGP][Paypal]As said in the title, it isn't finished. Great potential account here. It comes with 11k tokens. The bank contains nothing of value. I'm not the original owner but I bought from a very trusted user. A/W:10MSelling Amazing f2p range 2herSelling my f2p range 2h account trust me its a awsome pking account. Ive pked tons of people on this account. Account comes with 1.5m in items. Selling for rsgp or paypal. Pictures: ://tinypic/view.php?pic=25s5wcg&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=10moo6r&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=xgjiqf&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=sl2t4y&s=7 Send me a pm or email or just reply to this thread Account is now avaliable for salegood starter pure, only 10mNo recoveries, no email. A/W - 10m rsgp, 5$.[Rare] 3 letter names for RSGP [Cheap]All logins are made from emails that don't excist! NO recovery's! We can use a free MM or an OMM if you pay the fee's H9H, current bid: None. 8cc, current bid: None. 9cc, current bid: None. 98c, current bid: None. 43A, current bid: None. More accounts will follow soon! - Email contact - [email protected] combat, good stats, dt completeWill go first to people with 10+ possitive vouches or by using mm on your expense. A/W - 15$ Bid.99 Woodcutting - 59 Combat PkerGREAT LITTLE HYBRID! HAS 70+ STRENGTH, MAGIC AND RANGED! IT HAS 99 WOODCUTTING MAKING IT EXTREMELY EASY TO MAKE MILLS. PAY PAL ONLY PLEASE. HERE ARE SOME PICTURES:
Thread Status:
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