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    [Swap] Tank for pure [Swap]Title says it . Got a nice quested tank for sale. Removed recoverys. Has email registerd will remove once i have a buyer. I will go first to TRUSTED members. If not u will provide omm. CB/98 HAS/veng/barrows gloves/DT done/FIRE cape. STATS/ BANK/ STATUS/ BLACKMARKS/ [email protected][RSGP] Fanstatic Zerker Level 80Starting Bid: 1M A/W: 18M Contact: [email protected] Defence is quested. It has completed Desert Treasure & Monkey Madness. When you buy the account the MM will request an e-mail change and I will confirm it BEFORE you send the payment!Almost maxed Initiate godsword pure! 99 str 99 mage 87 rangeThis account is fully quested and has everything done an initiate pure needs completed such as rune gloves, desert treasures, recruitment drive, and animals magnetism. log in screen: Stats: Black marks: If you are interested please leave your offer with your below If you wish to talk add me on : [email protected] Starting bid: 15m Current highest bid:30m Auto win: 65m I AM NOT ACCEPTING ACCOUNT SWAPS I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU ARE VERY TRUSTED STATUS: ONLINE[RSGP] Lvl 68 Pure. 1 Def, 94 Mage, 79 Str [Trusted][RSGP]title says it all. I ONLY WANT RSGP! all other offers will be reported as spam.. Recovs and Email will be removed before the sale.. any posts about removing them will be reported as spam.. s/b 10m. [Any offers below is spam] a/w 30m. I WILL NOT GO FIRST.. PERIOD... FREE TRUSTED MM OR OMM YOUR CHOICE. OR YOU FIRST.. PICS: Uploaded with Uploaded with VOUCHES: Quote: Originally Posted by Shall SKill Vouch for markee_vet, traded my WoW account for his level 134 Runescape account, all went well. 100% trusted. Quote: Originally Posted by cswilsonz Big Vouch for markee_vet, Trade was smooth and easy. No complications. Definitely recommend doing business with . Very great guy, A+++ Trader!! Quote: Originally Posted by Draton vouch for markee_vet, MM'd his trade! safe! Quote: Originally Posted by Oh Bama Vouching for markee_vet sent $15 via paypal. Trusted and went first. Quote: Originally Posted by FireFist Vouch for markeet_vet went first to me! Trade was smooth as can possibly be, no issues! Quote: Originally Posted by jizzownya Vouch! Smooth buyer! Quote: Originally Posted by Da Salesman Vouch for markee_vet, bought gold off me. Was smooth and fast trade. Quote: Originally Posted by usi umeme Vouch for markee_vet, sold him my level 129 for 40$ He went first, friendly and we got along great! Fast trade! Will deal with again. Quote: Originally Posted by Clintman Vouch for Markee_vet, sold for 7m! trade was smooth i have more just got to dig them out. post offers and ill add you.[Paypal]Buying 1 def pure Up to $100, Must be Fully quested [Paypal]Title says it all! - Will Go first to trusted members - Must be fully Quested - Paypal Only - Post Here first - in sig Offer away![RSGP] Selling beast Lv75 (99 str, 99 range) [RSGP]I am selling this account for strictly RSGP, i am no longer doing paypal becuz i cancelled my paypal account. I have no intention going first so if you think your going to convince me to go first then dont bother contacting me, its either you go first, 50/50, or we get a omm. I will be accepting offers. Hit me up if interested. A/W = 60m : [email protected] an ALMOST maxed Pure! [email protected] Hey guys i'm selling an almost maxed 25 def pure. I will be taking any offers from RSGP to PayPal Recoveries and email will be taken off when I find a serious buyer. [=swiftkit]buyun any account with 99 wc!buyin a acc with 99 wc with rsgp or paypal.. or maybe another account i have
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