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    Buying Any Good Account. ( 1 2)Buying any good account for rsgp. IF YOUR NOT TRUSTED DONT POST. Post pics/. NOTHING THATS 50m +Selling lvl 88 to be barrows pure?ClosedMorrigan's Javelin Staker, Beast low combat. Make lots of money! (RSGP)Accepting: RSGP Account Type: Morrigan's Javelin Staker Skill highlights: 86 range, 87 hitpoints, 51 dungeoneering. Item highlights:Ava's, magic longbow (sighted) [email protected] The account currently has an email, can be removed when serious buyer is found. The account is very good for staking. No membership is currently on the account. Taking RSGP nothing else, currently trying to get money for my main to have curses. Starting bid: -- Auto win: TBAStarter pure lvl 75.. RSGP 84 STR!! :DThis account is love you to me ive had it awhile Gold4rs gave it to me as a credit a few months back.. i need a little extra gold.. all im looking for is 10-20m i dont know any of the info i forgot .. like i said love you this account. lol you go first ive been on this site for awhile i no all scamms so gtfo if your not willing to go first. is [email protected][RSGP] 78 Combat. 95 STR ; 99 RANGE ; 99 MAGE [RSGP] [email protected] READ THIS - All of the accounts below that are being sold do not currently have gametime; unless otherwise stated. - None of the accounts have any blackmarks. - Please ask for a PM before doing any trades with me, as this is to eliminate any imposters. - All of the account's have never been banned, unless otherwise stated. - Upon purchasing the account, Creation Details, First Password and PIN details if I have them saved. - As of now, I only accept RSGP or WU as a form of payment. - I will not be going first, unless you have over 50 Vouches. We will be using an OMM by you're request. You'll be paying all the fees. - I know the E-Mail to all of the accounts, so they will be changed to your chosen E-Mail upon purchase due to the fact you cannot remove them with a recover request; with the only way to remove the E-Mail is by waiting 14 days. - You accept to my rules before purchasing the item from me; I will not give any refunds. Wants RSGP or WU.[Vet cape, yo-yo, jester scarfs hats, marionette]potential dharoks pure [paypal]double posted please delete[Skiller] 90 Mining, 99 FM, 99 Cook! Members til July! [MUST SEE]Hello I am selling this rune miner/skiller. She has enough Dung to enter the rune rocks inside of the mining guild, she makes pretty good money with mining. She also has quite a little bit of membership left! No registered email, no registered recoverys! Please add me on : [email protected] If you add my about this account, you MUST reply in this thread with your details. Any questions? Please ask.Quit RS a month ago, selling my best pker ever... Whip/ SS pure.So i quit a few months ago after i bought and trained a pure and i made it very good. I am looking for paypal cash and since people will think im a scammer since i have low posts and dont feel like putting pictures i will use an OMM. So this account was my best pker ever and was very fun. STATS: 72 cb 70 attack 70 Hp 87 str 31 pray 69 wc This guy is also fully quested and will come with about 700k RSGP. Basically how i used this guy to pk was by using his SS and koing with either a gmaul or dds. This guy can hit 350's with the SS which is just as fast as a D scim so this is very good. This sword tears through defence, or you can use an abby whip which is very similar. This account has no offenses and is clean. I want to sell this thing quickly and will only take PAYPAL cash so im looking for $10 bare minimum but ill go with the highest offer. Please email me at [email protected] and i will consider every offer and we will work something out with the middle man. I can to show you guys the account and me logging in. Thanks!
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