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    lvl 93 range tank!!! Veng+DTlike the title says selling a lvl 93 range tank with lunars and dt done. stats are 97 range 70 def 95 mage. also has 82 hunter 45 pray 88 hp and 88 fletching. has crystal bow and crystal shield. since im new and only have 1 vouch ill be happy to go first to somebody really trusted or use a OMM in which u will pay the fee's.[Swap] Looking for obby mauler [Swap]Offering a 75 attack 99 str pure (Ags included) for a obby mauler. I "MIGHT" accept a account with 20 attack. I will not go first if I do not trust you. There is currently Recoveries and a email, Which will be removed by the MM or myself with a stolen password recovery. And please don't offer me accounts with 80 str >.> : [email protected] : Rocco1864137CB - TURMOIL - 6x99's - KORASI - Barrows gloves - Members - 92 HelboreSelling this really nice main account doesnt have any items at all on it, good account for staking have won 100m+. I will be accepting rsgp and Paypal. AUTOWIN is 250m or 250$ Starting Bid 50m. ( I WILL NOT BE TRADING ACCOUNTS) Interested? [email protected] Look Below> Thanks guys.[Member] [Rsgp] Beast boxer lv 84 - Pro STAKER [Member] [Rsgp]Hello people. Here im selling another of my accounts, I m actually bored of staking, made enough money off it so i decided to sell my personal boxing account. A/w: 32M We use a MM or either you go first. I dont mind going first if your trusted. MY EMAIL: [email protected] 99 Range + 99 Mage, 85 Str, 75cb pureHas a rare 3 letter name. Comes with original info (am original owner). All pure quests are done. : [email protected] Only accepting RSGP. I've been here long enough to know scammers from legit people, so don't even attempt scamming. again, : [email protected][RSGP] 99mage, full void! lunar and desert treasure![RSGP]RSGP! 99 Mage, DT and Lunar done! Full void. STATS/QUEST Now has 70def,84str,76constitution, CB lvl 93 LOGIN OFFER! PM me or [email protected] str pure for sale. 70cbSelling a pure with a combat level of 70 for runescape gp. STATS: Attack: 50 Strength: 99 Defence: 1 Range: 79 Mage: 85 Constitution: 73 Prayer: 31 I've recently become interested in creating and selling pures and would like to start doing this as a normal thing. I'm selling this account for 60m and it has membership left until May 1st. BUYER MUST GO FIRST. NO recoveries or email of course but I will post a picture if needed. Hope to do business with you soon. Will take offers.99 str pure for sale. 70cb
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