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    [RSGP] Zerker | Barrows Gloves | Firecape| FULLY QUESTED | 99 STR | 99 MAGE | [RSGP]**I DO NOT GO FIRST, U PAY FOR MM ** Level 71 99 Range!!! [email protected]@k!! Over 160M in cash and ITEMS!!!!Gold4RS offered me 160. I think you guys can do better :) Im 19. Im to busy chasing pussy and racing cars. So I just log on to check everything. This bad boy is going to waste. Would like to see it in good use. Pics explain all. Will be using a trusted MM or OMM!Selling Zerker [99Str][67Dungeoneering][Rune Gloves] ( 1 2)Selling my Beserker Pure its quested with rune gloves. I am orig owner and will give you information i know. A/w= 60m = [email protected][RSGP] Runepure with 99 str and 99 fishing [RSGP]Delete this thread please, didn't got as much I wud like to get, so I wont sell it.Selling level87 range, 80 strength and one defence. Selling level 71 Pking account, only accepting rsgp. You will go first, with me following. Offers accepted.(RSGP ONLY) !Lolcats123's Account shop! (RSGP ONLY)Hello guys just recently I have noticed that I have too many accounts at the moment, I don't have enough time to max them out or what not because I am focusing on a 10hp 99 mage account, my original turmoil main with a few 99's, and my chaotic pure that I have just started questing. I had a good run with these accounts but now they have got to go!!! 1. Void Ranged Tank~~~~~ Bank: Stats: 2. 99 Strength Main (Almost all turmoil quest finished) Stats: Quest: 3. Almost finished zerker/Handcannon pure (a few quest more) (mithril gloves) Bank: Stats: Quest: I will only be taking RSGP as payment for these, options for trade are Mm, You go first, If you are extremely trusted (over 50 vouches) I will go first. : [email protected] lvl 78 Void HC pker! Veng! [RSGP]Hey im selling my hand cannon ranger! Stats: Important quests: Has Lunar, Ava's, Handcannon. Login and offences: The bank wealth on this account is below 1m, and only has void l at the moment. Im looking to work on my main, so I only really want RSGP (plus dont feel like getting a gay chargeback, since my paypal is not verified) I will not be going first, and I have no issue whatsoever will MM's as long as I approve, and you pay the fee. There is no set A/W, as im just looking to see what I can get. Also, If you want full void, I can get the set for a little bit of added RSGP. Please dont spam this thread, as only reasonable offers will be considered.Selling level 78 Staker. Only lost once. [RSGP]I'm selling this account, because im bored of it, im making a new staker but i want cash on it. I got cleaned on this account for 75M, owell. :L Its an amazing Armour staking account, or boxer depending on which you prefer. I personally preferred Armour staking, and it already has some statius and corrupt statius hammer, which is worth 17M (untradeable), this is pretty much the best gear you can get. I am the original owner of this account, i have all details for it, creation IP etc.. Im not expecting you to go first, but i am expecting you to if your interested add me with an OMM or trusted MM ready to trade, a decent amount of vouches OR willingness to go first, its completely up to you. Straight onto pics - Stats - (1 prayer + summ) Bank/statius - - [email protected] Thanks, and post here before you add me.
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