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    [Buying] A Lvl 75+ Pure with 1 Def Look Inside ! 150M To Spend ![PAYING OMM FEES]!PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THREAD BEFORE POSTING! Hello guys, to start off, I will be paying OMM fees since I am new and nobody will trust me, but however, I am NOT buying from people with a rank less than Active Member, so don't even bother please. Even if you are higher than Active Member and I still don't want to buy from you, I have all rights to do so. I do not buy from people who I don't seem trustworthy. I am looking for a 1 def pure. I do NOT need 2 or 3 def pures. REQUIREMENTS: - Needs to be quested (DT, MM, Mithril Gloves+ are mandatory) - Must have atleast 85 Range - Must have atleast 85 Strength OR 90+ range without Strength! - Must have atleast 94 Mage - Must have atleast 70 Hp - Cannot be over 60 Atk - You must have all info, that means you have to have recovery questions on the account, or you should know the previous ones. We will be doing a recovery test so don't bother scamming. PREFERABLE: - Pure quests (Animal Magnetism, Horror from the deep, etc) - 90+ in all Strength, Range & Mage - Some skilling stats - Dungeoneering The requirements are what I am looking for, but if you have lets say an account with 80 str, 88 range & 94 mage I'm cool with that too, or 99 range with 1 str and 90 mage for exemple, just post if you have something near my reqs and I'll think about it! Thanks for reading!My Little Barrows Pure :)So yeah not much i just quit on this and made a zerker I think its a lot more fun! Sooo Yeahh.. I Just need monies for my new account soo ty Buying a void/iniate pureI will be paying in paypal so I can recover the cash or you can recover the account if one of us scams. Im looking for a quested void/iniate pure. Would like it to have good items like firecape, void, and torso. NOT required! My is lustere. Post your accounts here.Decent Main (7 Dragon Defenders!)Lots of No bans, No recoveries, and no email. Will come with a couple mil in junk items. A/W 10m or Account tradeZerker 95 str 99 wc cheap rsgpHey lolymepk here looking to sell my zerker i recently been playing on skiller making money to sell on here in the future getting rid of old acc so this the first one to start with. most quest dont like mm and d.slayer aw/ 30m start bids leave ur if intersterd wealth not much But awsome pkker stats i seee 46 def whip accident mostly up trusted only![RSGP]Selling starter Zerker pure[RSGP]Introduction This thread will not have the same old scam "Selling my account because I'm quitting or i got cleaned. I just started this account but it was a mistake as I'm not much of a quester. I planned on making it a turmoil zerker which involves a bunch of quests. Therefor I plan on making 1 defence pure. E-mail will be removed when I find a serious buyer. I will not pay fees for MM's. You can if you please. Also has a firecape. If your intersted in buying post here and add: : [email protected] : epitomedrankhf Stats, the defence is from questing alone. If you do the quests you will not overshoot 45. Quests Login BlackmarksLooking for a good rune pure!looking for a good rune pure to go pking with! i have paypal and my is [email protected][Swap/rsgp/paypal} Nice Zerker :)This zerker Has a few days membership left on it. comes with 0 wealth but does have full void with range amd melee helmets. Has completed zamorak book has no rfs gloves BUT has done all the quest requirements for rune ( just need to actually do the subquest parts has done lunar diplomacy. Accepting rsgp or paypal. i will not go first unless you have over 20 vouches. i have built up some myself and now feel to be trusted. feel free to ask to see ingame
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