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    spending up to 200usd for 1 def purebuying any pownage pure 100m i Really would like a d claw or initiate pure post away. wont go first unless trusted in my eyes recovery/email must be off no acceptions pm me s[180+ Vouches][35+ Accs Sold] Lvl 66 Pure | 82 Str & 85 Ranged | Decent BankCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.selling 60 att 30 def turm pure A/W 100m extremely cheap, 2 99'shey, looking to sell my turmoil pure been trying to sell it here and many other sites for months to no avail so instead of persisting ive just dropped the price massively. 100m is autowin and i wont take anything lower, pretty much just want 100m and get rid of it, need the cash for my pure, im a serious seller and have spent over $1000 on this site/been scammed 400m on different occasions, so post up if your interested hes fully quested got prossy got rune gloves hes now almost 95str and 94range and a few other skills have gone up, no recovs set and email is unregistered, happy to use an omm or mm at your expense and dont mind doing a recov check at all. hope i get some replies and interest, cheers. Uploaded with ImageShack.usstaking pure--75 def-40 str-75 att---selling my staking pure with some nice stats to win at staking, combat is 73. can wear godswords and dragonfire shield with barrows and such. Pm me if interested, no recoveries or email registrations.Epic low level (77 combat) rapier pure!Hey guys decided to sell yet another account because member pking just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea ;D. I am the original owner and all previous details will be given to the buyer after the trade. I am accepting RSGP only and will not go first unless you have a lot of vouches. If we do not come to an agreement we will use a OMM at your expense. Check out my account shop thread here! - sythe/showthread.php?t=1111772 A/W is currently set for 100M.[PP]1 Def AGS Hybrid-75 att 99 str 99 range 95 mage 94 hp-QUESTED-92 rc[PP] ( 1 2)Hey PB I'm here to sell another one of my account as I have finally gotten over RS and I'm quiting for good. This has been my best pure with it's beast stats and ability to do double nats. It has addy gloves, all 3 books filled, DT, MM, etc. I'm looking for a legit buyer, preferably a trusted member/mod. Please don't attempt to scam me... I know all the tricks, you're wasting my time and yours. Payment method: Paypal S/B: $100 A/W: $200 Contact: [email protected] Rest of the bank is around 3-5m along with quest items/skill capes/untradables Thanks for looking, I look forward to doing business with you!Selling level 93 Staker..Selling my level 93 staker, will take In game gp or payment's trought paypal. You go first. If requesting an MM u pay fee's. If ur intressed in buying the staker make contact whit me. ------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ.. Q:Why are you selling your account? A: Becuz im bored of staking. Q: Do you have ? A: Yes, Sverre113 is my name Q: Do you have a ? A: Yes, [email protected] is my . -------------------------------------------------------------------------[RSGP]70 cb , 91 range , f cape , addy glovesSelling this pure for RSGP offer account has: F cape Addy gloves MM , DT done. All holiday items since 08 h'ween. Post your offer here and your messenger so ill add you.
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