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    Want to trade my 55 ranger on Balder for an equal geared Glad, templar maybe other classes depending on the gear etc. I'm open to all offers. My ranger is decently geared, full 50 pvp accessories + Lakhanes, full anuhart set, Pacification longbow combined with 30 abyss (blind godstone, meant as temporary) Link to character: Bad Input | Problème de saisie | Problem bei der Eingabe I got two 40 elite parts in my inventory (gloves, boots) and 200k abyss points. Not too far away from full 40 abyss, takes max 3 weeks for a casual players, 21st january I get 12 month reward = 5 Major crowns. 50 mil cash + 20 gold medals, 10 silver and 32 plat. 15x crit 15 and 15x HP 85 manastones. Bunch of consumables, some PvE earrings and neckies. 3 parts fenris. Crafting is very weak, only 320 alchemy for pots and 220 essencetapping. Also have 44 chanter on Balder with no cash or sellable items, but 3 pieces elite 30 abyss set and betoni staff combined with 15% atk blue staff. And lvl 51 Glad on Telemachus, but soon to be on balder. 20 mil cash, 25x HP 85, 6x black dye, 3x white dye (dyes are worth ~7mil each on balder). Name is Syphex you can search him up. (bad gear) I'm open to any offers as long as it's equal gear, can be asmo or elyos and on any EU server ! Strongly prefer glad. PM for additional information. Thanks ---------- Post added 01-05-2011 at 06:07 AM ---------- Also willing to sell !!! Sorry I failed with the topic name, didn't pay attention, If possible change it to Aion WTT/WTS 55 ranger (EU Balder).
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