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    [RSGP] combat 58 AGS pure - 99wcselling this pure =) 75 attack, 53 strength, 1 defence, 99 woodcutting - owns in duel arena with AGS could easily be better if you get the strength up- i want to focus on a different account though. does has recoveries (dunno how to remove ??) but will be provided along with old passwords and mobile number used for paybysms membership :// ium :// um :// ium a/w: 30mSelling level 3 ess miners!Hey guys I'm selling level 3 essence miners! What have they done? - Tutorial accounts are made - Rune essence quest completed - At varrock ess mining spot! Account information - No recoverys - Random email - Random passwords - No bans, warnings or anything Why to buy? - You don't have to bother with making accounts - CHEAP - Good for beginning botters - No recovering or anything. Price and payment methods? PayPal / RSGP (Rather PayPal) 1 - 5 accounts: 100K per account or 0.05$ through PayPal 5 - 10 accounts: 80K per account or 0.04$ through PayPal 10+: hit me up with a PM Current stock In stock: 3 made - making more right now. ~example account~Selling 12HP Mage Pure [3x99] 12 DAYS MEM LEFTHey , Kgb1953 here trying to sell my 12HP 99 MAGE pure with 99 WC and hunter (including all three capes). Comes with 12 Days membership left . Would be happy to use a MM/OMM. Stats: More screenshots of the account:Selling a CB 46 with 85 mage[RSGP]I am selling this pure, no recoveries, no email, has an actual name not an e-mail login and a good name imo, will give you all the information and we will use a free middle man (also can do a recovery check but you'll pay the extras). Bank is about 30k. AW 10MSelling lvl 99 Fisher! [Rsgp] [paypal]Im selling my lvl99 fishing account. It has member till 2 october. It has no recovery set and no registered email. We can use an omm but you will pay the fee. I will go first if you're very trusted otherwise you wil go first. A/W 40m but i can accept lower offers. Add my if you are intrested [email protected] goldfarming accsIm buying @ the rate of 5 accounts = 50k These are accounts that only have a bronze pickaxe on them with rune mysteries done. No stats trained 1 everything. Specials 10 - 125k 15 - 200k 20 - 375kselling good lvl 3 skiller! A must look! [RSGP] ( 1 2)selling my level 3 account i havnt played on in about 2 months, dont want it and need rsgp cause i just spent all mine on herblore. a/w: 15m s/b: 6m we can use an mm/omm if u want : [email protected] RSC Pure +5M starting price!Well i just paid membership for my old account and logged in RSC, i dont play by myself RSC so i want to sell this account + bank for the rs2 money! Here is photos from this account levels and bank! Uploaded with Uploaded with I have no idea how much cash i can get from this account in Rs2 but you can pm offers for me in game or add my ! Info below. --------------------------------------------------------- SOLD 8M -----------------------------------------------------------
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