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    T> My zerker for your ranger!!Trading my zerker (60 att, 91 str, 78 range, 93 magic, 52 prayer) - Will supply pictures to serious buyers FOR: range pure. I don't care about the other stats as long as it has reasonably high range. Def/att/str is Okay! Magic is a plus as well.Selling Obby Mauler!PICTURES WILL BE SENT TO ANYONE WITH INTEREST Hey guys, I'm here to sell this obby mauler account! The current stats are: 75 strength, 64 hp, 50 range and 33 mage. Everythin else is level 1! If you are interested in buying, post here, pm me or add my : [email protected]! The accunt is also a non email login with no email or recoveries set :// Not sure how to embed, aa[RSGP] Selling Skiller with 1300+ Total! Insane! 6x90sSelling my INSANE skiller! has 1300+ total here are the notable skills: 90 Smithing 90 Construction 90 Cooking 90 Fletching 90 Firemaking 90 Fishing 84 Mining 80 Thieving etc++! *NOTE: sadly 11defence* S/W: 30m A/W: 100mbuying level 3 with 99 herb or 99 construction or runecraftinghello if you have any of these level 3 with those 99's pm on here ten add my [email protected] im offering a swap no gp1m A/W - *extremly cheap*42 cb Insane dbower Pure|multi ownage! | Active MembershipHey guys Im going to be selling this pure. its much fun to pk with in multi =)its basically a dbower pure,it has a full month membership(just bought mems for it last 2 days r so)i am selling for a very low a/w since im working on my main :] you can notice,this account has no recovries or emails =] i will be going first to anyone trusted or we use a mm/omm =] might pay for fees A/W:1m :[email protected] please post here before contacting me on i[Gravite pure shop]Red Pures Foe Gravite pure shop [Rsgp]Welcome to Red pures foe Gravite pure shop Key Info about these accounts All of them will only ever had 1 pass They all will be 45 attack 70strength and enough tokens of a gravite All prices for these accounts can be talked over Current accounts in stock: 0 Current accounts in the making: 1 These accounts will be sold for only rsgp and omm can be used you must pay the fees These accounts will also come with all info needed Prev pass isp ip adresse Waiting List Please fill out this form before ordering All prices can be discussed Quote: name: : Rsgp offer: My only email is: [email protected] Strength - 1 Attack - 1 Defence - 38 Combat ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)all accounts are now found in my account market thread. requested lock.(RSGP) Buying 1 def pure must have atleast 1 99 and dt done spending 100m (RSGP)attack 1-50 str 50+ def 1 range 80+ prayer low love you possible mage 82+ hp any
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