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    [PayPal - MoneyPak] Starter Pures/GMaulRushers [PayPal - RSGP]Trinity's Starter Pure/Gmauler shop. Rules: - You will go first unless you're a trusted member or you want to pay for an OMM. - My 4/m ratio is .60/m - Only accepted payment methods are PayPal, MoneyPak or RSGP. - One account has recovery questions, but they can no longer be removed due to a Jagex update. - Please change all recovery questions and email's upon purchase. What's in stock: Account 1: Starter G mauler. A/W = $5 Account 2: Another starter g mauler. A/W = $8 Fill out this form in comments: Code: My : My offer: Do I agree to the rules: Will I vouch:[RSGP] Selling 99 Mage | 18 HP | 50 CMB | 10M Bank | 50M A/W [ TRUSTED]Title says it, pics for proof below. No black marks, perfect account, i just want some cash for my main. Downs dbow rushers in 2 hits, free 1m every time you walk out. 50m a/w, but if you give me a good offer quick, i'll likely take it. Acc has 10m worth in bank, non-accessible to me cause there's no members. If you're offering please be either trusted or willing to use an omm. If you're more trusted than myself, I have no issue doing 50/50 or going first, otherwise, i'd assume you're going first. Happy bidding! EDIT: You'll also receive ALL previous account info.[RSGP][PP] Level 3 with 95 WoodcuttingSelling CHEAP. Offer. Kind of cool name PM me for info.PRO Runescape Merchanting Guide [8-27-2011] [200M+/perWEEK]PRO Runescape Merchanting Guide [8-27-2011] [200M+/perWEEK] ://youtube/watch?v=k3l7VVtQVRE Views: 28,384 Likes:1,349 Dislikes: 52 Merching Guide -- August 2011: DOWNLOAD: ://mediafire/?t8no8abjol7l9cs (Has items to merch listed on download) Scan the file if you want for viruses[trading] 2 great pures 70+ range on both [trading]look at my account shop for info on these accounts. :///showthread.php?p=9520513#post9520513Amazing stat low skiller, and a pure = BID!Okay, i maybe new to but i have a brain.. if you want to purchase any of my account i am not going to go first you can go first or you can pay for a OMM. None of the account's have blackmarks, one is email log in the other isnt. i will take RSGP or Paypal, so i'll let you do the bidding thanks! ACC #1 email log-in, no blackmarks! ACC #2 username log-in, no blackmarks! if you are interested in any of my account's add me on : [email protected] Awesome skiller and pure ! 99s here! [PAYPAL]Hey, I quited runescape ages ages ago. And I'm in need for money for my scooter So yeah I thought, why not selling my account? I will use OMM, you pay. Paypal only Here picutres of account. Please leave a message below if you want more information about an account. Kind Regards, Micko combat 56 75$ Combat 3 35$Selling a level 21; 65 defence. Can wear bandos/third age. [RSGP]Hey selling this level 21, 65 defence. Ability to wear third age/Bandos at just 21 combat. Please note: I will not be going first; you will go first or find a suitable OMM. When a suitable buyer is found, I will help change email and allow a recovery test.
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