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    Chaotic rapier pure [STR 99][Dung: 80][C.Rapier]blank account! Only one password used. No second and third password set. No recoverys used. Stats: Price: OFFER OFFER IN HERE OR PM!74+5 1 DEF Pure, Fully Quested! RSGP ( 1 2)SOLD Thanks.60 attack pure with 99 dung.yes it has recoveries and email, i'm not sure how to remove. I will give you the recovs with the account and you can change to your own, and when you get the account just change the email and i'll give you the code to change it when it emails me or change it to yours. still has nearly 1m tokens to spend on whatever you want to spend it on. it has the attack quests done, and monkey madness started. the only reason i'm quitting this account is because of the range level. now that botting is gone i just don't have the time to get the range up, and i don't want to either. also i don't have time to do the quests needed for the account to be good. i'm probably not quitting runescape, i'll be playing on my other account. i won't go first unless you're trusted, and i don't expect you to go first since this is my only post, so you will either need to trust me, be trusted, or pay for an omm or whatever. add me on : [email protected] or pm me. autowin= 215m the only reason it's so high is because it's level 75 combat, with 1 def, and 99 dung. and now that botting is gone 99 dung is going to be pretty valuable ;PTrading acc for PkingI have an account with lvl84 mining that I'm looking to trade for an account made for pking. acc is here: sythe/showthread.php?t=1250937 My man is [email protected] add me, and we can discuss.Buying pure must have specific stats... ( 1 2)Due to someone trying to scam me I now have cash to play with in my paypal, I am looking for an awesome pure!!! MUST HAVE at least 90+ str 90+ range 94+ mage, attack level does not matter as long as its under 80. Defence MUST be 1, prayer 52 or below, would like it to be quested. I am only looking to buy from trusted users or better. I will go first I can pay in paypal (verified) or RSGP! So if your trusted and have an awesome pure for sale hit me up!! Please do not post anything less that what I am looking for.Selling nice level 90 Range tank with 99 mageLooking to sell this account, its a good starter range tank. Uploaded with just leave a post or pm me if you are interested(Paypal/RSGP) 68 Combat G Mauler|50 Att|1 Def|88 Str|31 Pray[37 Vouches $1800+] ( 1 2)Need to urgently sell this account to reimburse hjq due to my paypal account being limited... Taking only RSGP from now on. My Vouches can be found by clicking on my signature. If an MM is to be used please find a free, though still trusted, MM or you cover the fees... Offer in Paypal or RSGP... I consider 1M=0.50$ USD Post here, PM me, or contact me on , "[email protected]" if interested...Multiple Accounts for sale.With botting gone I'm selling all but one of my accounts since theres no need to have multiple accounts anymore. Therefore I am looking for RSGP. I have three accounts that I will be selling. I will not do a trade without a MM and will be very cooperative with everyone. Before anyone panics or freaks out, yes these accounts have recoveries and emails registered, I am removing them as we speak and will post updated pictures once they are removed, I just felt like getting this thread out of the way first. First account - 99 ranged and 99 mining. I don't know how to get rid of the current email since I have forgotten it so I am getting it changed, I can remove the new email in 14 days or give you the info to the email address since it is a junk email I made up. Second account - 85 Dung and 99 Str. Third Account - 99 Fishing and 65 Dung. I am accepting bids for all of these accounts, I will take care of the emails and recoveries right now. Once again I WILL be using a middle man. Thank you.
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